Essays on Hedda Gabler

Essays on Hedda Gabler

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Setting as a Clarification of Motives in Hedda Gabler

Setting as a Clarification of Motives in Hedda Gabler Henrik Ibsen centralizes one of his most renowned plays, Hedda Gabler, around an upper-class housewife, and the complexities behind her seemingly average life. The title character finds herself in conditions that would be highly sought after …

Hedda GablerMarriage
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Ejlert Lovborg and Hedda Gabler direction and casting

Briefly outline your casting ideas for the roles of Hedda and Ejlert L�vborg and then explain how you would direct your actors, in the scenes in which they appear together, in order to reveal their complex feelings for one another. As a director I would …

Hedda GablerMotivation
Words 1062
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Hedda Gabler Play by Henrik Ibsen

The scene we chose from Hedda Gabler comes from Act 2, line 278 to line 422. The main characters involved in this scene are Tesman, Eilert Lovborg, Hedda, and Brack. Eilert Lovborg’s objective in this scene is to make sure that people will enjoy his …

Hedda Gabler
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Hedda Gabler Response Questions

Why is Head so cruel to other females in the play? Does she treat women differently from men? * I think Head is so cruel to other females because she wishes she was them. She wishes she had the life and the relationships they have …

Hedda Gabler
Words 294
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Hedda Gabler is a play written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. The world premiere was staged on 31 January 1891 at the Residenztheater in Munich. Ibsen himself was in attendance, although he remained back-stage.
Originally published

December 16, 1890


Hedda Gabler, Ejlert Løvborg, Thea Elvsted, Commissioner Brack, Juliane Tesman, Jorgen Tesman




Henrik Ibsen


Setting: Jørgen Tesman's villa, Kristiania, Norway; 1890s


A newlywed struggles with an existence she finds devoid of excitement and enchantment

Frequently asked questions

What is the message in Hedda Gabler?
There are a number of possible messages in Hedda Gabler, as the play can be interpreted in a number of ways. One possible message is that of the dangers of conformity and the repression of individuality. Hedda is a woman who is trapped by the expectations of society and her own desire to conform to those expectations. This leads to her feeling trapped and suffocated, and ultimately drives her to commit suicide. Another possible message is that of the dangers of repressing one's true desires and emotions. Hedda is a woman who is constantly trying to control her emotions and desires, but this eventually leads to her breaking down and acting out in destructive ways.
What does Hedda represent in Hedda Gabler?
There are a number of different interpretations of what Hedda represents in Hedda Gabler. Some argue that she is a symbol of the restrictions placed on women in society, others that she is a representation of the destructive power of feminine sexuality, and still others that she is a victim of the patriarchy. However, one of the most common interpretations is that Hedda represents the stifling effect of Victorian society on the individual.Hedda was born into a wealthy, upper-class family and was raised with all the privileges that come with that status. However, she was also expected to conform to the rigid social norms of the time. Hedda felt suffocated by the expectations placed on her and longed for a life of excitement and adventure. She married George Tesman out of a sense of duty, but she was never truly happy in her marriage.Hedda's frustration with her life comes to a head when she meets Eilert Lovborg. Eilert is everything that Hedda is not - he is wild, carefree, and rebellious. He represents the life that Hedda wants for herself, but can never have. In spite of this, Hedda is drawn to Eilert and the two begin an affair.However, Hedda's affair with Eilert is not simply about sex. It is also about power. Hedda knows that she can control Eilert and use him to make George jealous. She revels in the power she has over both men and takes pleasure in causing them pain.In the end, Hedda's obsession with power and control leads to tragedy. Her affair with Eilert ends in his suicide, and she is left feeling empty and alone. Hedda's story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of repressing one's true desires and the destructive power of the patriarchy.
What is Hedda gablers tragic flaw?
Hedda Gabler's tragic flaw is her lack of ability to see beyond her own selfish desires. She is unable to empathize with others and is driven by her own personal ambitions. This ultimately leads to her downfall as she is unable to maintain relationships and ends up destroying her own life.
What was the significance of the title Hedda Gabler?
One is that it is a play on the name Hedda Gabler," which was the pen name used by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Another is that it is a reference to the fact that Hedda is a woman who is trapped in a loveless marriage. Finally, it could be seen as a commentary on the role of women in society at the time the play was written."

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