Maxson Rose, a Truly “Rose Woman”

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Maxson Rose, a Truly “Rose Woman” Roses are regarded as the most beloved flowers in the world, with its romantic meaning . In most occasions, rose represents love ,beauty and pleasure. Nevertheless, we seldom take rose into deep consideration. Regardless of its sweet side, this kind of flower with thorns shows its another unique characteristics dependent, and has a strong awareness of self-protection.

The supporting role Maxson Rose in August Wilson’s play “Fences” takes on both sides of the characteristics of that flower. In the play, Rose puts the family’s unity at the most important place in her heart. Just as the title of the play Fences implies, she wants to build a fence around her family , not letting her family members hurt by others. She performs very well not only between Troy and Cory, but also Troy and Gabriel. From my point of view, she is a bridge between her husband and son.

We know from the play that Troy spent 15 years in prison, and became very good at baseball during the time in prison. But he always lives in the past , he prevents his son playing football in school team just because , he doesn’t want his son do better job in the field where he has no chance to become successful . Rose demands once and once again to persuade Troy to permit Cory play the football , and she always stops the argument between Cory and Troy about football. At the same time , she shows her sincere sympathy to Troy’s disabled brother Gabriel.

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She gave biscuits to Gabe though he wandered off; she tries to persuade Troy not to t live in the house which is paid by Gabe’s disabled subsidies for granted; and she also stops Troy from sending Gabe to mental hospital. Furthermore, she really plays the roles as flowers, especially she finally decides to accept Troy’s illegitimate daughter Raynell, Instead of begrudging the stagnant situation, she choose to bravely confront with the cruel fact that her husband has love affair with another woman as a way of self-protection. She said to Troy: Okay, Troy…you’re right.

I’ll take care of your baby for you… ‘cause …like you say…she’s innocent…and you can’t visit the Sins of the father upon the child. A motherless child has got a hard time. (she takes the baby from him. ) From right now… this child got a mother. But you a womanless man. (1613) Maxson Rose is an ever-dutiful 1950s-era housewife, devoting herself to her husband and her family. But she do not let her husband Troy walking all over her when she learns about Troy’s love affair with Alberta.

Even though their marriage seems draw a close emotionally, Rose tries her best to show sincere motherly qualities to Troy and Alberta’s illegitimate daughter Raynell. And at the end of the play , it is this generous and tolerant woman calling family’s unity and asks other family members to forgive Troy. She is truly a rose woman. Work cited August, Wilson. Fences.


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