Essays on Salvage the Bones

Essays on Salvage the Bones

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Informative Essay on Salvage the Bones

Compare the portrayal of Katrina in Salvage the Bones to what you saw of the hurricane in the news. Which aspect of the storm’s devastation does this novel bring to life? What does Esch’s perspective add to your understanding of Katrina’s impact? When Hurricane Katrina …

NewsPregnancySalvage the Bones
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“Salvage the Bones” Novel Review

The novel is narrated by the character Each. Having lost her mother and being the only girl in the family beside China, Each is desperately trying to find herself. Each began having sex at an early age and now is pregnant believing the father to …

AphroditeLoveNovelSalvage the Bones
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Salvage the Bones is the second novel by American author Jesmyn Ward and published by Bloomsbury in 2011. The novel explores the plight of a working-class African-American family in Mississippi as they prepare for Hurricane Katrina and follows them through the aftermath of the storm.
Originally published

August 30, 2011






Setting: Bois Sauvage


What is the meaning of Salvage the Bones?
Ward uses the title Salvage the Bones within the novel to show how the characters are able to scavenge from the past in order better their future. China, Skeetah’s brother dog, is the first to show these metaphorical representations.
Why did jesmyn Ward write salvage the bones?
It was terrifying. I needed to write. I was also angry at those who blamed survivors, for staying, and for choosing to go back to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Finally, I wrote about storm because I was unhappy at how it had receded.

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