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Essay on Disney World

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My favorite place I can remember was when I went to Disney World for the first time. It was in February 2002 and I was eight years old. It was Christmas day when my dad and step mom came over and gave us just one gift. The gift was a picture frame and inside it was a paper with pink dotted outline and cursive writing that said “We’re going to Disney World this February. ” That’s when I realized where my most favorite place would be. Walking into Disney all you can hear is the blaring music that sounds like birds singing it.

There are sparkling ribbons flowing from every direction, they have ravishing reds, brilliant blues, and outrageous pinks. Mickey Mouse stands at the front gate with a magnificent smile and waving his goofy looking hand. I ran up to give him a hug because my excitement to see him was almost terrifying. While wrapping my baby-sized arms around him, he is fuzzy and smells like an abundance of different types of candy. My dad then wisped me up on his shoulders and it felt like I was on the Eiffel Tower.

From being up on top of the world, I peered ahead and saw the most radiant view ever. Running down the little town like road, I had almost missed what the buildings had to show me. The buildings stood enormous and all perfectly decorated with what was in the shops. The toy store had the most mesmerizing appearance and it caught my eye right away. Glass figurines sat elegant in the old wooden window frame while the train twirled around blowing smoke around them. Across the red cobblestone road was the bakery.

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The luscious smell of chocolate cakes and candy apples replenish the air. The delectable pastries were placed on different shelves. Moist chocolate cakes with dark icing and white bows on top lay across a golden tray on the middle shelf. On the same shelf are eggshell color cookies with Mickey Mouse ears. Below are the same cookie but on these ones have the same ears but were different because they have a ruby red bow between them which were Minnie Mouse ears. Both of them look heavenly to the taste buds and no doubt every kid wants them.

The aspect of having a cookie with a character on it was mind blowing to most kids. They never realize that the characters on the cookies were really there. Woody was right on that same street and he was from my favorite movie. He looks as perfection would come. His hat a rustic brown while his badge gleams in the sun with every turn he took. The boots he wore have Andy’s name written across but as worn as a rage doll it is. I was told that this wasn’t the best part and it was sure to come soon.

Instead of looking at every store that I thought would each be wonderful, we continued down the road onto other things that day. The one thing everyone knows about Disney World is Cinderella’s Castle. No one every describs how majestic it really is though. The stone it is built of shined when every light hit it. The elegance of the building was so exuberant that it made you feel like you were at a royal gathering. On each of the colossal towers, a flag was gliding through the air. The doors on the castle were massive!

They have an antique look to them with wooden panels and a metal door handle. This castle is one of the things Disney needs to tell more of because no one knows its true beauty. Disney World has taken my breathe away since I was only eight years old and still I can be mesmerized with what it has to hold. It might be just a place to go on vacation for some, and others can be somewhere there kids will never forget. My parents wanted it to be that somewhere to never forget and it worked, because now Disney World is my most favorite place to be.

Essay on Disney World essay

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