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Results of the Crusades

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The Crusades as a whole were an obvious failure, yet regardless of the lack of gain from such expeditions, Europe still moved forth within their own boundaries. The First Crusade was a shining victory, taking Jerusalem out of Muslim control and achieving mass popularity with the people of Europe.

Thanks to the achievement of the first Crusade, one of the results was the Templars, or Knights of the Temple, which created safe routes between Europe and the crusaders states and the defense of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.Later results of the Crusades were extremely important to the longevity of the Europeans, even though the Crusades did not produce a permanent Western political presence in Asia Minor. Although they had been defeated, the Europeans had already found new routes to the Far East and were in the midst of a far broader overseas expansion. Another great result of the Crusades were advances in military technology.After the initial invasion, the crusaders fought a largely defensive war, which led them to become particularly skilled in the art of constructing castles. Coincident with improvement of castle building was greater sophistication in siege engines to break down walls and gates. Another result of the Crusades were economic, especially for traders and the general economy of Europe.

Although the campaigns were expensive, they also put a considerable amount of money in circulation by paying for weapons, provisions, shipping, and accommodations. The Crusades stimulated trade in sugar, spices, and similar products from the East and encouraged the production of luxury goods, such as silk cloth, in Europe itself. Regardless of these great results for European nations themselves, the most important result for Christianity and the spread of, was easily exploration.The Crusades encouraged a curiosity about exotic cultures. Starting from the crusader principalities in the East, first missionaries and then merchants penetrated deep into central Asia, and by the 13th century had reached China. Their reports of the areas gave Europe abundant information about East Asia and helped inspire Western navigators in the late 15th and 16th centuries. The desire to explore, conquer other cultures, and of course, spread Christianity was all part of the crusades-inspired later imperialism.

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