Essays on Edsa Revolution

Essays on Edsa Revolution

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Impact of EDSA Revolution

EDSA Revolution I In the year 1986, the Philippines was given the world’s limelight because of the nonviolent revolution to overthrow the dictatorship of Former President Ferdinand Marcos. Many countries were astounded by our country’s move and it draw much more attention because nobody died. …

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Edsa Revolution

MARTIAL LAW Under the supervision of Ferdinand Marcos, September 1972. Marcos declared the Martial Law. When Martial Law was enacted, all of Ferdinand’s enemies in politics had been arrested. And in that time, the security in the country had been restricted. Martial Law is declared …

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What is Edsa revolution summary?
The 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution gathered millions Filipinos from all walks and marched along Epifanio Santos Avenue EDSA, the main artery of Metro Manila. It sought to end President Ferdinand E. Marcos' dictatorship to usher in a new era of freedom & democracy.
What happened EDSA Revolution 2?
The Second EDSA Revolution also known under People Power Revolution II, EDSA 2001 or EDSA II (pronounced EDSA Two, EDSA Dos) was a peaceful political demonstration that occurred from January 17-20 2001. This protest overthrew Joseph Estrada, the thirteenth Philippine president.

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