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The destructive results of Insomnia

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Insomnia is one of widely-spread sleep disorders which as a result of worries, fears, anxiety and bad brain patterns function make a person unable to maintain his/her sleep. The people suffering from insomnia become irritable the next day and often worry about the coming night when they will have to fight for sleep.

As a result during the day people may meet unexpected desire to fall asleep what completely ruins the course of the day and leads to stress and depression. A person with Insomnia may also suffer from other sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and restless legs syndrome.

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The destructive results of Insomnia make us to think of it as a serous mental disease, however it is only a symptom caused by medications, psychological condition, inappropriate sleeping habits or by other stressful events. Among the medications that may greatly contribute to the progression of Insomnia are caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, antidepressants, amphetamines, diuretics, appetite suppressants and different drug products including cocaine and marijuana.

The extent to which a person can be imposed to Insomnia has two levels of difficulty. The primary Insomnia defines a person who is having sleep problems are not directly connected with any other health states or problems. Secondary Insomnia means that a person’s inconveniences with sleep are associated with inherent health conditions such as depression, cancer, heartburn, asthma or others. Because of their pain and medications they are taking they start to have other health problems which are connected by the chain of successive conditions.

Sleep disorder in its primary level can be easily treated if a person take make a habit from the following activities:

  • Regularity of sleep times;
  • Comfortable conditions for sleep (bed, temperature and lightening);
  • Prevention from accepting the stimulants (e.g. coffee or cigarettes);
  • Practice of relaxation methods;
  • Avoidance from taking naps during the day.

 Medicines interference into Insomnia treatment is not required as it can be treated with setting new sleeping habits. However for short-term Insomnia one can use over-the-counter sleeping drugs. It is important not to use them regularly as there may appear dependence upon them and create the situation of good sleep impossibility unless the drug is used.

Treatment for long term Insomnia requires more complex procedure. First it is needed to conduct a first treating of any underlying conditions or health problems that are determined to cause Insomnia. If Insomnia progresses one can chose either to go through the behavioral therapy or start to accept medications. The first method helps people to replace their ways of living and focus on achieving of specific goals while gaining more control over their lives.

Professionals in the field of advancement of Behavior Therapy identify some common goals of behavior therapy. The Insomnia persons should follow this goal which requires for them to use only one bedroom for sleep (Acting), try to understand how his/her stresses influence the sleep (Feeling), to realize that at least 7 hours of sleep is a must for everyone (Thinking), to integrate diet and exercise to encourage the sleep (Dealing), and to train himself/herself in self-management skills (Coping). Medical therapy by contrast with Behavioral therapy has side effects and must be used with caution.


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