Research on Honey Pots with regard to proofing security

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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Battling hackers and technological experts who use their knowledge for stealing information and hacking can always be troublesome and costly. Why waste time, effort, energy and risk losing out thousands of dollars in profits. The use of honey pots and honey tokens can eliminate the need for such risks and enhance the security of the system.

Honey tokens and honey pots are not computer systems. In fact, they are software that is designed to interact with unauthorized users and counter their activity. They give you the ability to allow hackers and crackers into the system and make them feel as if they have broken into the system. They hold false data that is kept there for that malicious user to use and steal. The honey pot then actively saves all the actions performed by the unauthorized user. Using such honey pots and combining it with the data on their actions, many potential takeovers can be subdued. Several malicious invasions can be countered using such honey pots, and at the same time, the illegal user commending on his capabilities on managing to break into the company’s security.

A honey pot works by trapping the actions of an intruder by setting a fallacious database that has honey pots are just software that tackles crackers intelligently without them knowing that they have been tracked. The cracker can do whatever they like with data that is as fallacious as dummy data. There is no sensitive data provided to such a cracker and the hacker’s actions will be under review all the while he is snooping around in the system.

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They are relatively easy to install and do not require a lot of high technological cost or monitoring. But they are highly effective in countering illegal break-ins to sensitive data. As soon as there is an access to the system through any undefined way, the honey pot gets activated and provides the user with databases that is of no use to the company and is actually in place to fool the hacker.

Therefore, Mr. Lloyd, given the obvious benefits of sugar coating an illegal user and then finding the security holes that they used in breaching the system, the company should consider implementing the honey pot system. Using this we can then fix our security holes so that they can stop other crackers breaching our security again.


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