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Last Updated: 09 May 2021
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The electronic security market in India has witnessed considerable growth in the last few years. The rising incidents of crime and burglary and the rising awareness about benefits of the electronic security equipments amongst the people have primarily driven the electronic security market. Many electronic security brands are now experimenting with advanced technology to provide their customers with more options. The electronic security market in India has made significant progress in recent years, fuelled by rising residential, commercial and industrial construction, increased activity by foreign and domestic companies and rapid expansion of distribution channels. The overall India electronic security market is dominated by the imported products and nearly 60% of the security and surveillance equipments being imported by the companies from countries such as the US and the I-J.

The imports in the Indian market have been on an uprise in the recent years while domestic manufacturers share has been declining. The electronic security market in India is largely concentrated amongst the foreign players. Honeywell, Tycoon, Busch are some of the major foreign players which capture significant portion of industry revenue. Increasing media exposure and awareness amongst people has aided the popularity and growth of electronic security market in the country. The market is expected to grow in terms of value with rising demand and growing preferences of the Indian urban population. As people become more conscious, the demand for electronic security equipments is expected to further rise, thus leading to increased penetration rate of electronic security market in the country. Technology innovations and better quality products will be the key growth rivers of the electronic security industry in India in the coming years. The growth will be further fuelled with expansion of retail and residential sector in Tier II and Tier Ill cities.

It is believed that the electronic security equipments need to be made available in affordable price range to attract the price conscious Indian consumers. In India, the distribution business of electronic security equipments has shown a steady growth and is expected to continue with the strong momentum in the future as well. This growth is essentially driven by development of smaller establishments, increase in awareness among the people and entry of global players in the industry. The Indirect channel is the most prominent channel of distribution. The response from distribution of electronic security equipments through retail shops was phenomenal, and the electronic security market in India is expected to outspread its geographical reach with the help of diversified means of distribution channels. "Video surveillance systems will continue to be the most prominent segment of the Electronic Industry: India Electronic Security Market Research Report

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By Snatcher Market is expected to be favorable on account of rapidly growing residential and commercial construction; integrated security solutions, rising urban population, which will contribute to the demand for electronic security equipments in India in the near term", according to the Research Analyst, Ken Research. The report titled "India Electronic Security Market Outlook to 2018- IP-based Video Surveillance and Integrated Solutions to Drive the Future', provides detailed overview on the Indian Electronic Security Equipments Market. This report helps reader to identify the ongoing trends in the industry and anticipated growth in future depending upon changing industry dynamics in coming years. The report will help industry consultants, electronic security product and service companies to align their market centric strategies according to ongoing and expected trends in the future.

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