Reflection of Some Of The Best Television Shows That Came To My Mind

Last Updated: 05 Jan 2023
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The first television show that came to mind right away for this assignment was the Big Bang Theory, with the first episode released on September 24, 2007. In the early seasons there was only one constantly present female lead, Penny. Penny’s character is a very stereotypical female character, she is protruded as ditzy and attractive. Whose’s main goal in the show seems to be to create sexual tension with one of the leading males, Leonard Hofstadter. The leading males of the show are all portrayed as brilliant men, who all have problems getting women. This representation of gender is problematic mostly for women as they are deemed weak. The representation for men is better, because it brakes the traditional notions, yes it stays with it when talking about men being smart. But it completely ruins it when it portrays man as weak and having problems getting women.

The next one that came to mind is not a television show, but rather a classic Disney animated film, Beauty and the Beast. While Belle is more independent, the village people still treat her as weird and not normal, giving the viewer the thought that being independent is not a good thing. Gaston is just a walking stereotype, with just about everything he is or does being a stereotypically male character. While the film does mock Gaston for himself, it also doesn’t offer an alternative personally. The three barmaids how fawn over him at the bar add fuel to the fire that is Gaston manly ego. These representation of gender is problematic for both parties. Females are viewed as weird if their independent and fawn over men, and males have to be strong, good with women, and confidence in themselves.

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My last thought that came to mind for this assignment is a television show titled, How to Get Away With Murder. This one has to deal more with how society thinks of gender roles of today. Today in society it slightly more accepted for women to choose their careers over having children. By choosing this they make the chose that it their job is their motherhood, making it impossible for them to have children, and still be happy and balanced. (I personal disagree with this, I think you can have both.) This was the chose that Annalise Keating chose to take, one of the main characters.

She became a brilliant lawyer, one who hardly every losses a case, she is also known for his escape artist skills. In the show Annalise often jokes about being the mother to her students, mostly the five student that she choses to do an internship with her. While Annalise is not necessarily nurturing to the students, she does offer shelter for when things get too real. In this case the students came to her when they had murder someone or when they broke the law in some way. This representation of women is better than the two explained above. All thought still not the best representation there… I think.

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