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It is a hard life living in the real world. The world doesn’t provide literally what we need; we have to work hard in order to satisfy our basic needs. Monetary considerations are included as personal pursuits in order to live fully as an individual and justify our existence here on Earth. But first, in pursuing this goal, one needs to find a job for this to be his medium in attaining the much needed financial stability.

I, for one, had first-hand experiences on the hardships one faces when hunting for a well-paid job.

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The first step in finding work is the making of a well-organized resume and submitting this to a company or institution where you want to work for. After your credentials are assessed by their human resource department, they may call you for a job interview in order for them to have the chance to know the extent of the truthfulness of your credentials stated in your resume.

The first job interview is considered one of the hardest and challenging parts of the job hunting process.

 The moment I got my first call from a clerk of a certain office, I couldn’t contain myself. I was exhilarated. My tireless efforts of submitting resumes to different companies and offices finally paid off. Looking back, I saw myself organizing the contents of my resume, encoding, printing this in multiple copies and putting these in big envelopes.

Then, I was off, handing these to different offices; sometimes I walk, or ride a bus when the need arises, just so I can give all the resumes to the different offices. Then, the call came for my first job interview; my first chance to directly tell them with frankness what I am capable of.

Some say that first impressions last.  So I had to choose the best clothes that I have to wear, groomed myself before the mirror a hundred times, and rehearsed the things that I would answer to pre-conceived probable questions that have to be asked. These, I hoped, would create a positive impact on the interviewers.

I expected that the interview itself would be much tensed; I experienced a mixed feeling of dread and trepidation when I opened the door towards the conference table. Lo and behold! The interview was to be done by a panel of interviewers. I did not expect this. For an eternity, I felt that I will collapse upon seeing their faces, expressionless, ready to bombard me with questions.

But, to my delight, I was met with reassuring and comforting handshakes by the interviewers. I thought, at that exact moment that I’ll get through that interview, which eventually I did. The moment I answered the first question, my self-esteem suddenly rose. A set of questions came after myriad of questions, yet I was able to answer these fairly.

Others questions were answered the best way possible, or so I thought. This gave me a boost to persist and carry on until the last minute is through. Until I felt that I was completely at ease, as if I am just talking to colleagues and contemporaries. As quick as it started, the interview ended. This left me with an awakening; I survived my first job interview.

I finally came up with a conclusion that pleasure and fun are not just derived from starting to do our first job tasks; rather the sense of adventure and accomplishment can be drawn from the path or process of finding a job, such as the interview process.

Life is not hard as it seems, if taken with a positive outlook. It would just be hard if we don’t try to tackle the challenges it has to offer. Once we get to overcome these, we realize that we are learning, at the same time getting nearer to our goal.

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