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Where the ‘Gold Rush’ Turns Green: the Profit in Legalized Marijuana

The California Gold Rush era (1848-55) was about people wanting to make their fortunes by mining precious minerals or finding their “Texas tea” on the ground. Today, there’s a new player in the hood. And her name is Mary Jane.Related: That sound you hear isn’t just stoners getting …

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Discovery Museum Gold Rush History Center

The visit I made to the Discovery Museum Gold Rush History Center in Sacramento, California, proved to be highly informative, entertaining, and a two-hour well spent. The experience afforded me a lot of learnings from the Gold Rush period that I didn’t know before. Before …

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Who benefited from the Gold Rush?
Only a minority of Californian Gold Rush miners earned a good deal. It was far more common for people who provided food, supplies, services and goods to miners to become rich. Sam Brannan was the biggest beneficiary of this newfound wealth.
What is Rush gold?
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