Reflection on Cebu Pacific’s Issue

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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Due to Cebu Pacific’s runway accident last June 2, 2013 on Davao City, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) says that all flight attendants must have their licenses effective on the second day of July. This news stunned many people especially the ones who are in the Tourism Field particularly the Airline Industry. The story, until this day was a hot issue in our classroom discussions. As a college student whose dream is to be a flight attendant some time after my graduation, I felt happy hearing this news.

When I read the article about the runway accident, I somewhat felt the grief of the passengers of the particular flight. As a human being our safety need is really on the top level. Hearing the Ateneo students share their experience inside the plane, I was really in shock about the recklessness of the crews. Cebu Pacific is one of our country’s major airlines and when I took my On-the-Job training last summer, it was the airline competing with the nation’s flag carrier in terms of the number of bookings.

It is a shame, in my opinion, in the airlines name to hear that the crews they are very proud of are not properly. I also believe that this happening is the company’s responsibility for they must all the time ensure that their crews are well trained so that no accident like this will happen. To think that many people not only Filipinos trust their services and the passengers also trust their lives to them, how can they just do nothing and be insensitive to the their needs? In situations like this, I remember one of my professors saying that the passenger must always be the first than yourself.

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Being a flight attendant is one of my major dreams and seeing one whenever I go to the airport is like giving me inspiration to achieve this dream. But this accident made me think of the statement my group mate in research said. She said, why is that many people who is working in our industry did not take BS Tourism Management as their course but still had their way inside the industry? I am just happy that CAAP did something about this situation for my fear is that many people will not trust our airline companies anymore. Training the crews is really an important activity especially not all of them have backgrounds to the industry.

It is also a great thing to not make the other dreamers of being a flight attendant stop their dreams and shift to another profession. By this way we can still promote ourselves and of course make people trust us again. I am just hoping no such accident will again happen for it is really bad thinking that the industry that I chose is somewhat dangerous. Traveling is very fun and I hope that all people will experience it if the authorities will just put their focus on things like this. Tourism industry is something that is not only about profession but serving people with love and with great passion.

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