Rc Cola Marketing Plan

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Special thanks to the following people who contributed for the completion of this study. To our adviser Proof. Amharic F. Floors who guided and introduce us the course of the study. Sir Jerome Icy, the owner of Adobe Connection for being humble and for generously providing the necessary information we needed. Our parents and guardian, who supported, encourage and understand us throughout our study. And most especially our Creator, who empowered us to strive and never give up and to do what is the "best" and not what is only to be "done".

I Executive Summary The 2013 Marketing Plan of Adobe Connection chain of restaurants outlines an approach in sales promotion as a newly established restaurant in Metro Manila and to sustain in the preceding years of business. Since the establishment couldn't afford commercial advertisement, we believe that providing leaflets and other kinds of cheaper advertisement as our sales promotion. To sustain in the preceding years, a product diversification for a new target market is our proposal. The sales target are roughly around P 500, 000, 000 for next year or a 5% projected increase in sales.

Established by a Harvard Business School graduate, Mr.. Jerome Icy, Adobe Connection is a chain of restaurants that showcase the food and feeling of the Filipino home to everyone. Having around P 5,000, 000 as an initial capital, the first store was opened in November 2010 in Maxima. Backed by the same team that won the Best Foreign Franchise in the 2009 Entrepreneur Franchising Awards, Adobe Connection is now one of the fastest-growing Filipino franchises having 40 stores in Metro Manila and another 9 stores soon-to-open. A. Company Marketing Organizational Chart B.

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