Why Pursue a Master’s in Business Administration?

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Pursuing a MBA will be able to prepare you for a lifetime of management responsibilities in a business. People choose to pursue a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for an instant change in career path, future job development, justify a position/promotion, or to begin one’s personal business, pursing an MBA will provide someone with many rewards in a career and can expand their knowledge of controlling an industry and provide chances for employment, recognition, sponsorship and income increase. I decided to pursue an MBA to develop my business knowledge and enlarge my career options.

I am a waitress in a full service restaurant and have been in the hospitality industry for about eight years. I am interested in furthering my career and exploring other options that has the potential to offer more financial benefits. I am not satisfied with just having a bachelor’s degree because over the years it has become equivalent to a high school diploma and that will not set me apart from my competitors. According to the gmatmbahelp website, having an MBA, which is recognized almost universally, will increase your ability to compete for jobs in more locations.

One of the main reasons why people decide to pursue an MBA is because it frequently allows graduates to make a better salary. The common starting salary for MBA graduates is based on the number of years of work they have before starting their degree. However, it has been reported that some with less than three years of trade experience start out earning close to $70,000. This number rises severely as graduates build up additional practice in their fields. Having an MBA offers more financial possibilities than only having a Bachelors degree.

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At this time in my life I am uncertain of the career path I would like to take. I have little work experience and I am not sure of the industry I would like to pursue. But while I am seeking opportunities and different industries I think it is worth my while to gain a higher education. According to the Jungian 16/type personality test I am observant, cool and highly pragmatic person. The test scores states that I am a rational thinker with semi-procrastinations and the best time of day that I am productive is in the evening.

I am motivated to manage, trustworthy, relaxed and handles conflict very well. So I plan to pursue an industry with those attributes so that I am effective and every area of my career. I am very excited to pursue my MBA and hope that it will give me a great advantage and opportunity over others. With the time being spent in seeking my future I can receive my MBA and became a step above those with just a bachelor’s degree. An MBA is a marketable and multipurpose degree. Those who only have an bachelors keep themselves at a stable place and it is often hard to advance in their career path.

They also make it hard to market themselves in other industries when a change is wanted or needed. Even if an MBA graduate has to start out in a place that is fairly less on the company ranking than they would like, there are remarkable opportunities for development with the degree. Those who only own a bachelor's degree may find they can only go so far in the corporate world, even if their skills and employment conduct are past reproach. With an MBA, the opportunities are practically endless, and graduate students can even assume the role of head economic officer with good job performance.

Pursuing a MBA will also assist me with developing the understanding and meaning of decision-making skills including communication, promotion, tactical preparation, financing, and management abilities. While there are many other company programs existing by universities, the MBA degree is rivaled for its capability to increase excellent common business skills in students. Students find the MBA degree a smart option because they can go after a wide range of positions, aggressive salaries, and almost limitless opportunities for improvement. These are just a few of the rewards that having an MBA degree can provide.

Having an MBA can help increase my knowledge and awareness of the importance of human resources in a company from retention, hiring and firing, employee benefits, compensation, payroll, business ethics and etc…It can also help those who have an entrepreneur mind set to further their know-how as to getting started on their business adventure. I am very excited to pursue my MBA and hope that it will give me a great advantage and opportunity over others. I am a strong, rational and dominant person and I hope to become a great manager and leading example in my industry. And I want to reach my full potential with my education as I possibly can.

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