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SoP”A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions.” When I read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius little did I know the impact it would have on me while choosing my career path. At a very young age, I began to be fascinated by the role of money in our day today lives, this allure grew and it influenced my goals.

It’s with great deliberation that I have decided to pursue the Master of Finance course in your esteemed institution, since it is harmonious with my goal of being a Financial Analyst. This course appealed to me, due to its compelling curriculum. As I read through the syllabus I realised the foundations of the challenging course work would give me an in-depth understanding of concepts such as corporate finance, a subject which has always fascinated me.

The convergence of each and every subject offered in the coursework during the two-year period shall not only provide the exposure I desire from the Master’s program but will also allow me to lay the foundation to pursue my aspiration of Chartered Financial Analyst – a professional degree that one can aim to actualize since it will be in perfect synchronisation with the university’s course program.

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Australia is also the choicest of countries to pursue my Graduate studies.

Since I have always the admired their hospitable approach to international students, and the balanced and cultured perspective it imparts to the students who study there. I also believe pursuing my graduate degree there will not only improve my knowledge but will also help in my holistic development.My family has always inculcated in me the need for education and the value of hard work. All through my life, my parents would show me all their values not in words but in their actions.

My mother who is an educator taught me that a good education is the profoundest of accomplishments. My father imparted to me the attitude of working with meticulousness and going the extra mile to succeed in my endeavours. They supported and encouraged my intellectual curiosity, and fostered my fledging interest in finance. They would patiently field my questions on the basics of economy and gave me the leeway to understand how they would budget our household expenses.

With this strong backing I decided to attempt one of the most challenging exams in India, the Chartered Accountancy Exams. While preparing for this exam, I came to realise the complexities involved in accounting. The real learning began when I cleared the first level of the exam and started preparing for the Intermediary level. I was exposed to a variety of subjects including concepts of financial management, information technology and management principles.

The core focus however, remained on accounts, finance, auditing, corporate and tax laws.As I studied I began to understand that the course of work I had chosen was challenging as well pushed me out of my comfort zone. I decided to complete my graduation in Bachelors in Commerce, to further enhance my understanding. After which I began work as an intern to get an incisive glimpse into the workings of an accounting firm.

I got an opportunity to intern with Transaction Advisory Services at BDO India (erstwhile MZSK and Associates). The department specialised in valuation services, due diligences, other structuring options. As I started to get involved in various projects I began to find myself progressively drawn towards finance. As my work progressed, I soon began to immerse myself heavily into assignments, which made me understand that finance is indeed one of the key pillars of the business world.

The end of the internship period bridged the gap between my ideals and real life, and clinched my dream of delving into the world of finance. This led to my decision to pursue Masters of Finance as against a Management degree since I was looking for something more niche and specialized. The job market in India provides plenty opportunities to those with skills in the field of finance including corporate finance and personal finance, however, the management programs here that are excellent in its own entirety do not allow a student seeking expertise in a distinct arena to flourish.

India is now an emerging economy, the need for more specific expertise is on the rise, with the help of this program it would be an incredible contribution on my behalf to be able to apply the knowledge and exposure I receive at your revered university towards my ambition as well as the prove to be a contributing asset in the company of my choice in India. Therefore, this degree would be compelling factor that would decide my future career prospects.

I would advance tremendously since your syllabus involves all the requisite skills that I would need to work with top tier firms. It would also be remiss if I fail to mention the advantages of being in a vibrant and vivacious environment that characterizes university life at ANU. I would like to further assert that this program would provide invaluable significance to my life and academic career. This program will give me opportunity to study with like minded individuals and the fortuity to collaborate with premier faculty both of which would impact my person greatly. Therefore, it would be an absolute pleasure to be admitted as a part of this program.

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