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My Decision to Pursue an MBA Degree

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The decision to pursue a master’s degree these days is highly important due to the professionally competitive environment that we live in. Everyone has a bachelor’s degree but an MBA is a way to stay ahead from the rest, it sets you on a higher level. I chose to purse my MBA in order to further my career and have better opportunities. According to the “What’s my Jungian 16-type Personality? ” assessment I have a possible career future as a manager, management trainer, stockbroker, lawyer, chemical engineer, police officer.

I currently have a manager’s position inside a family owned company where there aren’t any more professional growth opportunities. In order for me to remain competitive in a very competitive job market I decide to pursue an MBA in Business Management without discarding the option of also including and MBA in Project Management as well. While searching for new jobs I have discovered that there are many positions for project managers.

Some of the qualities mentioned in these job postings are that the person has to be visionary, responsible, have leadership qualities, organized, and so on. According to the results of the “What’s my Jungian 16-type Personality? ” assessment I am outgoing, visionary, argumentative, have a low intolerance for incompetence, and often seen as a natural leader; so I believe I have what it takes to be a great project manager. Professional growth and/or advancement opportunities are a very important part of my decision to pursue an MBA.

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I was feeling stuck and unable to move forward with my career goals, but I believe that with a higher level of education I can achieve those goals. Fresh out of college I thought I had my life planned out but it was all based on me having an awesome job in a place I liked and doing what I like and what I know I’m good at. But that didn’t work out so well. So I found myself stuck at my part time job which was supposed to be only a temporary thing while I was in college.

I don’t want to be one of those people who look back on their life and wonder where the time went and why didn’t they do something to change it. Although sometimes I feel frustrated and that I’m getting nowhere, I know I’m doing the right thing and I just need to hang in there. While it took me some time to actually get up and do something about it, here I am, ready to take on this MBA and land that job I am looking for.

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