Multiple Choice Questions on Marketing and Consumer Behavior

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Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) When backed by buying power, wants become A) self-esteem needs B) physical needs C) demands D) exchanges E) social needs 2) When dealing with a(n) managers must decide whether to invest in it in an attempt to build it into a star or cash cow or whether to phase it out. A) cash cow B) cat C) exclamation mark D) dog E) question mark 3) Because of increasing Americans will demand higher quality products, books, magazines, travel, personal computers, and Internet services.

A) levels of education B) family size C) numbers of nontraditional females D) ethnic diversity E) social class awareness 4) Causal research Is used to A) test hypotheses about cause-and-effect relationships B) gather preliminary information that will help define problems C) uncover information in an unstructured way D) quantify observations that produce insights unobtainable through other forms of research E) describe marketing problems or situations 5) Donna wants to buy a new coat. During the stage of her purchase process she will ask her friends to recommend a store and/or a style of coat.

She will search the newspaper for coat sales, and she will visit nearby stores to see what is available in her price range. A) product evaluation B) information search C) purchase decision D) need recognition E) alternative evaluation 6) When Burger King targets children, teens, adults, and seniors with deferent ads and media, it is practicing segmentation. A) behavioral 8) lifestyle C) age and life-cycle D) user status.

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