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Prohibiting Smoking in Public Places

Secondhand smoke is especially dangerous—much more to children who are directly exposed to the smoke.Canada should implement a no-smoking policy, not just inside cars,but in all public places where there is an threat of secondhand smoke.It is a fact that secondhand smoke is more toxic than smoke directly inhaled by smokers.

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It is known to cause cancer and there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. It takes at least three hours for cigarette smoke to clear in an average-sized room.

Hazardous components of the smoke can remain present much longer (Office of Tobacco Use Prevention). Although “the simplest, least expensive and most effective solution against secondhand smoke is not smoking in any enclosed indoor area” (Office of Tobacco Use Prevention), Canada should legislate laws that would ban smoking in public places to reduce deaths related to tobacco use and second hand smoke just like what many other countries have already been doing.

Eliminating smoking is the only way to effectively reduce the harmful effects associated with cigarette smoke. Ventilation could prove to be an effective way of eliminating secondhand smoke indoors if the exhausted air leads outside but it not effective in eliminating its harmful components. Parents should be responsible enough to keep their children away from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

As a sign of respect, smokers should get out of the room when other people will be exposed to the smoke that he/she will exhale. This in turn also limits the number of people that will be exposed to secondhand smoke. Because secondhand smoke is much more harmful than the smoke inhaled, the government should consider legislating laws that would prohibit smoking in public places because this already proved effective for other countries.

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