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Smoking in Public Places

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In some country people are no longer allowed to smoke in many public places and office buildings. Do you think it is a good rule or bad rule? Use specific reasons and details to support your position. Earth is a good creation of God. So this is our duty to make it beautiful. If our surrounding is good and has no pollution then we feel happy and have a good health. A person who is healthy has good ideas. In my opinion I would like to say if smoking is not allowed in public places and office buildings then it is a good rule. There are many reasons behind this.

They are as follows: In my view, smoking is not good for health. If a person who has the habit of smoking then he or she can have breathing, lungs and heart problems. The smoke of cigarette is also very harmful for health. If people smoke in public places then it is not only injurious for the smoker but also for others who do not smoke. For a healthy life, smoking is not good. The smoke of cigarette has toxic metals like Cadmium. If human body contains excess of cadmium then it creates many health problems like bone and heart diseases.

For the safety of humans it is necessary to ban smoking in public and office buildings. For a good and healthy generation, ban on smoking in public places and office building is also necessary. If there is a ban then chain smokers cannot smoke and they will be safe. A lady who is pregnant and has the habit of smoking then a ban can be helpful for her child’s health. It is very important for the baby. Sometimes people can also save their money with the help of ban on smoking. People can use this money in other works.

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Smoking in Public Places

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For instances, if people save money then they donate or eat healthy food. People who are allergic to smoke do not like smoking in offices and public places. These people do not feel good if any one smokes. As a good person, smokers’ should be careful and give the preference for others convenience. People can also increase their business if smoking is bane in public places and office buildings. For example, people who are chain smokers and have the habit of smoking during work that decrease their work skills and earning.

The customers who do not like smoking do not like to come. Therefore, the ban can be beneficial if it increases the business. All in all I would like to say if smoking is not allowed in public places and office buildings then it is not only good for health of present and future generation but also can increase earning of people. If we want a good pollution free country, healthy life and more money then we will have to stop smoking. We should support the campaign against smoking.

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