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Should Smoking Be Banned in Public Areas

Should smoking be banned in public areas? In recent decades, if smoking should be banned in public occasion has sparked a great deal of controversies.The term ‘public areas’ refers to the facilities or occasions which involving people in general and normally are provided by government.This essay will argue that smoking should be banned in public for the following reasons: the smoke produced by the combustions of tobacco will lead to the passive smoking, the bad impression and effects to adolescents and a large number of healthy issues related to smoking in public.Firstly, it could be argued that many kinds of harmful gases will be produced by the combustion of cigarette, which is compelled to the multitudes.

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The public regions are provided by government, every citizen has the right to accept this welfare.

It is significantly annoying for the pedestrians when there are smokes around them. As a consequence, they have to suffering the passive smoking. What is more, this kind of harm is especially serious to children and pregnant, while they are more susceptible.According to a incomplete statistics from a scientific survey, the rate of respiratory system diseases increased by 23. 6 percentage in Tokyo, 2008, which is suspected related to the passive smoking. Although it may be argued that individual has the right to choose what to do, it is still immoral for others to smoke in public areas. Another argument about the prohibition of smoking in public is that this will produce bad impression and negative effects to teenagers.

For young generation, curiosities impel them to seek anything excited and faddish and smoking are easily acceptable for adolescents.When smokers appeared in public places, it is so visible for residents and teenagers are easy to copy this behavior. Many jurisdictions now ban smoking in public when young generation are present. However, even with these restrictions, children still face harmful impressions if adults continue to smoke by ignore the law. Finally, a more important problem faced by smokers is the healthy issue due to the tobacco. The poisonous substances contained in the tobacco are the most significant reason for all kinds of healthy issues. For instance, lung cancer is one of the largest killers in the Western world.

The risk of developing lung cancer is increased 10 to 40 times if individual smoke. By ban the smoking in public places, the frequency of smoke may decrease. While mental stress indeed can be released by smoking, it still unmoral to smoke in public occasions. In conclusion, it can be strongly argued that smoking in public places should be banned. Not only the effects of passive smoking, but also the negative impression to adolescents is unbeneficial to the whole society. More importantly, a great number of healthy problem related to smoking still a handful.

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