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Problems related to external recruitment

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There are some areas or some jobs which are difficult to recruit. CIPD’s survey found that administrative or technical staffs were difficult to recruit. The percentage difficulty was 17% in 2006 and 14% in 2005. Moreover, it was seen noticed that the most difficult recruitment position was that of a manager An important issue related to the external recruitment process is the high cost. This can be overcome by using relatively cheaper methods of advertising such as internet and e-mails. The best option is to hire candidates who have a potential to grow.

However, the organization makes sure that these candidates don’t excel in every other aspect. This helps the organization benefit from this employee in the skill area he excels, however as he does not excel in other areas, other organizations are reluctant to hire him. Another important way to avoid these difficulties is to hire employees who have better qualities rather than education. For example: a person with good interpersonal skills is hired though his qualifications are not that impressive. Findings and recommendations These findings tell us that the recruiters should be prompt in action.

A very long recruitment and selection process usually discourages the candidate and he moves on, searching for another job. And by the time the former organization is done with the whole procedure, the candidate is employed elsewhere. Moreover, reducing organizational costs by giving employees less salary is not a good idea. After the recruitment and selection process the induction process makes the employee comfortable within the norms and culture of the organization. However, during the tests, assessments and interviews, a candidate has a quite adequate knowledge about the culture and options of growth in an organization.

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The cost is also an important criterion of the recruitment process. It was found that many organizations used proper cost calculations of the recruitment and selection process, in order to find out the actual cost of filling a vacancy in the organization. Conclusion Recruiting people with the right skills and right qualification is essential for any organization. If this recruitment and selection process is done effectively and efficiently, this will help the organizations grows and prosper. However, one bad choice can lead to many difficulties and waste the entire cost and time of recruitment process.

The personnel and higher management should be actively involved in this process. Careful job analysis should be done. A process should be established which is free from all sort of biasness and is committed for the development of the organization. It should be noted that the recruitment and selection process does not discriminate anyone on the basis of gender, color, race, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, belief etc. Equal opportunities should be given to all the candidates, as by not doing so the organization presents a negative image of itself.

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