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External Recruitment at SCEA Inc

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For an organization to perform well there is a need to ensure that all the personnel that are working there are competent and talented in their activities. This is the only way that an organization can realize good growth and good innovations that would help it remain at top in this era of technological development and competition. It is due to this reason that Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. has remained on top of all the other electronic manufacturing companies in the market. People who are talented are known to have extra energy, knowledge and the driving force that is needed to make a company achieve its set goals even when the goals look unattainable. (Heneman, H.& Judge, T., 2008)

In the recent past, Sony Computer Entertainment American appointed three new executives into its management team. The three who were hired into the company are Robert Dyer who was appointed to be the company’s Senior Vice President in the Department of Publisher Relations, Sally Buchanan who was appointed to be the company’s Vice President in the Human Resources Department and Ian Jackson who was appointed as the Company’s Vice President in the Sales Department.

All the three departments are very crucial departments which are known to determine the success of the company. It is therefore necessary to employ people that are really talented in these departments as they are the ones who will determine how the company will be like in the future. These three executives are known to come to the Sony Computer Entertainment America with a combined experience of over fifty years. All these appointments were made in the year 2008 and they were a strategic move to ensure that the company remains on top of the competition. (Heneman, H.& Judge, T., 2008)

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External Recruitment at SCEA Inc

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In hiring these executives, Sony Computers Entertainment America Inc. understands pretty well that it needs to act on its corporative marketing, merchandizing, sales, publisher relations and recruiting. The only way to achieve the best in these key departments is through hiring of talented and experienced personnel who would lead the rest of the teams in these departments. In the recruitment process of these executives, the company assessed their proven records of innovations and strategic leadership together with the extensive industry experience and they were regarded as a great fit and what the company wanted at the time. (Heneman, H.& Judge, T., 2008)

This is the trend at the company as each and every person happens to have well defined duties and this is one way that it has ensured that there is a continued redefinition of the entertainment lifestyle. These duties are made clear to the person during the hiring process. Through hiring of the most talented and the most experienced personnel, the company has ensured that there is a continued innovation in the field of entertainment using most of its products specifically the play stations and game consoles. (Heneman, H.& Judge, T., 2008)

Through proper management, Sony Computer Entertainment American has been recognized as the undisputed leader in the industry. This has also been achieved through marketing of the play stations families. Through the talented staffs that the company has, it has been able to develop, publish, market and eventually distribute highly sophisticated software for the play station one game console, play station 2 and 3 and the PSP for the whole of North American Market. In addition to these, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. has a talent acquisition program which is aimed at getting talented people who will finalize the Request for Proposal design. This is a global mobility vendor design which is aimed at supporting the company’s international program relocation and the new foreign assignment. (Heneman, H.& Judge, T., 2008)

In conclusion, it is clear that there is a need to ensure that a company has a good talent acquisition program. This is the only way that it will be able to get the best persons who would ensure that the company can realize its goals. For this to happen, it should be noted that there is a need for good leaders. These are the people who will spearhead to company in all its activities. They should be talented, experienced and should have a good track record. This is the reason why SCEA selected the three executives to head the company in the three very crucial departments which determine the company’s future.

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