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Prince Henry the Navigator

Prince Henry the Navigator Prince Henry the Navigator Prince Henry the Navigator was born 1394 and died 1460.Even know he died doesn’t mean I can’t refresh your memory about him.Prince Henry was a Portuguese royal prince, solider, and patron of explores.

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Henry sent many sailing expeditions. Prince Henry father is of King John I of Portugal and his English wife, Philippa of Lancaster. When he was 21, Prince Henry attacked the Moslem port of Ceutha in north Morocco. This successful attack in 1415 inspired Prince Henry to explore Africa, most of which was unknown to Europeans. Prince Henry created the school of navigation.

About 1418, Prince Henry started the first school for oceanic navigation along with an observatory at Sagres, Portugal. In this school, people were trained in navigation, map-making, and science, in order to sail down the west of Africa. Prince Henry of Navigation traveled all over the place like West Africa at this time, no Europeans had sailed past the treacherous Cape Bojador and returned alive. Cape Bojador is on the coast of Africa just below latitude. Prince Henry the Navigator established his own court at Sagres and sponsored voyages of discovery in the Madeira Island and along the western coast of Africa.

As grand master of the Order of Christ, he gained funds for backing voyages aimed at the conversion of pagans. His patronage led to development of the Portuguese caravel and improved navigational instruments and the advancement cartography. See I told you can learn a lot from reading my essay I bet you barely knew some of the things I told you I even learned a lot to. Bibliography http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Henry_the_Navigator#Early_life http://www. enchantedlearning. com/explorers/page/h/henry. shtml

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