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A Definition of What is History

The definition of history, is a question which has sparked international debate for centuries between the writers, readers, and the makers of history. In the words of acclaimed historian Edward Gibbon, “History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes …

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The Past in Rethinking What is History by Jenkins

Jenkins Rethinking History is a fascinating, albeit slightly long-winded read. While reading, idea after idea profoundly struck me until about midway through the text when I realized that in a large way, Jenkins is showing us how the concept of perspectivism-particularly in the ways that …

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What is History Month?

“What is Black History Month?” When tackled with this question, we often answer by saying that it is the month when we remember famous black Canadians for their achievements and helping blacks around the world attain freedom. This is a reasonable answer but is this …

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The Trail of Tears, an Ugly Part of Our What is History

This part of history has always been a brutal and sad one. The Cherokee tribe have always been a main tribe that faced discrimination from the Americans and The Trail of Tears has always been an ugly part of our history. What is interesting about …

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The Amazing What is History of Roller Coasters

A heavy, padded bar falls across your lap, locking you into the tiny seat. There is no escape. You’re propelled forward–transfixed by the seemingly endless track rising before you. Your stomach clenches. Clacking noises reverberate around you. The ascent goes on, and on–teasing you, testing …

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The Different Events That Impacted What is History of Canada

Reverberating effects of the 1910’s on Canadian History. Today’s Canada is a product of the multitude of important events of its past. Similar to anything, it’s history is what defines it. Many of these events were major events that helped Canada develop and move forward …

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A What is History of the Columbus Expedition in America

ln 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. That’s the one date everyone remembers, the date in virtually every school child’s history textbook. But, they leave out pretty much everything about Columbus and his exploration of the New World. It’s the part many people have yet …

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