Timed writing rewrite: the Prince

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Leaders of countries or Princes must make decisions that not many will agree with, but are the best for the populace and he must make them, no matter the cost. Niccolo Machiavelli uses logos, ethos and distinct clear diction to prove the necessity for a ruler to be able to make unpopular decisions, in an excerpt from his book “the Prince” (1532). Throughout the excerpt Machiavelli uses logos to talk about this issue in a logical manner. His first step in approaching this topic is when he states to the reader that others have tried to discuss how a prince should act.

Machiavelli states that he is doing something along the same lines but what he says is that a prince must be able to do what is not seen as the right thing in the eyes of his people. He then goes to talk about the qualities a prince must have in order to make those tough decisions because not everything that a prince does will be loved by the people so he must learn to deal with this. Machiavelli manages to address all of these points in his work while remaining logical and he uses ethos to try and show the reader a need for such rulers, who are capable of the doing the right thing for his people even if they disagree.

An example of this attempt by Machiavelli to establish credibility can be found in lines 3 - 5 “being my intention to write … useful to him who apprehends it … to follow up the real truth of the matter than the imagination of it … “this provokes a response from the reader that does have the effect it should have, it makes Machiavelli seem more credible in his argument and that this is not just some fairytale. That Statement made by Machiavelli shows how clear and precise his diction is and this helps him as he tries to prove that a prince must be able to unpopular things that will benefit his nation.

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The clear and focused diction that is used adds to this a whole new meaning of understanding where now those who are reading this book can picture what the government needs to do for the betterment of society as a whole. Machiavelli persuades his readers using logos and ethos and clear precise diction in his work the prince because he knows just how important it is for our president of a free state is necessary to helping the people.

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