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Machiavelli’s The Prince

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Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian historian, statesman and a political philospher. He was born on May 3, 1469 in Florence. He first entered the government service as a clerk and became prominent in 1498 when Florentine was proclaimed as a Republic. (Kemerling, 2006) Machiavelli was engaged into differen diplomatic missions and because of these missions, he met a lot of Italian rulers and studied their political tactics. After a long time of public service, the republic collapsed and he was driven from his post.

It was in 1513 when he wrote “The Prince”, hoping that he can secure the favor the Medici family, thye ruling family in Florence that time. He addresed this to an Italian prince which is from the Medici family. (Encarta, 2007) The Prince is concerned with different principles that founded a state, hence, he described the method on how a prince can acquire and maintain his political power. He also stated in this book his belief that a ruler should not be bound by traditional ethical norms. (Kemerling, 2006) During the Renaissance, there were new attitudes toward politics that accompanies the new forms of political organizations.

Huamnists stated that progress of a place should be natural and no-religious. Machiavelli's The Prince tried to find a base for the art of governance not depending on Christian principles but on science. In 16th century, he focused more on how to preserve a state and these ideas were refrlected in The prince and became part of the political environment. This new political perspective appeared not only in Italy but also in the monarchies of the North and were introduced in different writings. Although it was not universally accepted, it was recognized during Renaissance and changed the political thinking. (Encarta, 2007)

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