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Prep for Assignment 3hrc

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Preparation for Assignment 3HRC

A new manager is starting in the organization shortly. You have been asked to provide a ten-minute presentation that will give the manager some understanding of the organization in preparation for their start. The presentation may be made one-to-one or to a larger group.

The information you provide should include:

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Prep for Assignment 3hrc

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  • the purpose and goals of the organization a list of the main products and services of the organization
  • an identification of the main customers
  • an analysis of a minimum of 4 external factors and their impact on the business activities of an organization
  • the structure and at least 4 functions of the organization
  • an explanation of how these different functions work together within the organization to optimize performance
  • an identification of the culture of the organization and at least 2 ways this affects operations

Purpose and goals

The purpose of our organization is to give support and advice to the public who are in need of welfare. Our goals are to get people into work and to help claim the right benefits; giving the best possible service provided by our knowledgeable in house advisers. We provide an integrated service through a single point of contact and focus on work as the best way to lift families out of poverty, to raise incomes, and to combat social exclusion.

Main products and services

The products we offer are JSA, ESA, Pensions, and Income Support but the list doesn’t end there. We help with Carers Allowance and other means-tested benefits. We offer services and advice to all our customers which include internal customers in other departments within our organization.

Main customers

We have an extensive customer base our direct customers are the Public. We also have Employers(providing jobs and training), Agencies, Providers who help our long term unemployed to work, Local Councils, Schools and Colleges, Training establishments, The Army, Navy the list goes on and all of whom have a role to play in the welfare to work agenda.

There are many external factors that have an impact on us its quite vast so I’ll stick to the main causes:

  1. The Recession… re-educating the public on how to find work and applying a different outlook on what jobs are available in our immediate industrial area.
  2. Redundancies… mean more claimants; increase in workload which in turn will mean learning new roles within the departments and consolidating our procedures to cope with the rising of unemployment.
  3. New employers create work for our customers so we have to be on the pulse of what’s happening in our local industries. This also has an impact on on-off flow and workload again creating more work within our establishment to maintain records of our customers.
  4. Any government legislation change has a big impact on us with new learning skills being implemented within our departments and getting the right information fed down to us from management so we can deliver the changes to the public as accurately and as quickly as possible. Structure of the organization + 4 functions.

Our Structure is of a Hierarchical type. We have many departments of which are led by a site. Manager and departmental managers who hand off to line managers to our individual teams. We are monitored by performance and performance issues to get the right balance. We make sure we are up to date with all new changes in procedures and policies and deliver them to the public. We need to maintain the delivery of our business to succeed in helping to get the economy back on track. We have a responsibility to progress and achieve and highlight any areas where good practice has not been met. The DWP and Jobcentre Plus have to promote disability and equality, race and gender, and good customer service. How the functions work together. These functions promote a good working practice to deliver a strong and diverse workforce.

This maintains the delivery of our business as a whole and monitors the performance of the organization. Culture of the organization and 2 ways this affects operations. The Jobcentre is a key part of the Government’s strategy for welfare reform. It brings together the services of the Employment Service and the Benefits Agency to provide a single point of delivery for jobs, benefits advice and support for people of working age. We have everything under one roof giving benefits and employment advice, a personal adviser service to help people back into work, and work-focused interviews for all new benefit claimants of working age. All Claimants have the support and encouragement to move towards independence and work. We are flexible, innovative, and always have ongoing learning to deliver excellence in customer service.

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