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American Government Assignment

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The United States, once chauvinist in its beliefs may see the dawn of a new era on 2008 – two female presidential candidates battling it out for the position of Commander in Chief.  Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton are considered two likely candidates for the 2008 Presidential Election.

The country calls for total equality between men and women, however this equal treatment has never crossed over into such a position of power.

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Besides the biological differences between men and women, it is said that the style of leadership displays some differences as well.  According to Maryann Kimoto, reporter for the USCD Guardian, “One study of the religious leadership style of female pastors noted that women were more likely to base decisions on the aggregated advice of a group, while men tended to see themselves or their higher-ups as the authoritative voice.”

(Kimoto, 2005, p. 1)  Based upon this data, it would seem that a female president would be more likely to take into account the opinions of others, rather than making decisions based upon selfish judgment.

In a poll commissioned by Hearst Newspaper, the overall results state that the United States is ready for a female to assume the office of President – 64% of the people polled supported this belief.  (Fulcher, 2006, n.a.)  According to this poll 53% of people polled in 2005 believed that Senator Hillary Clinton should run for President in 2008 and when asked again in 2006 the percentage supporting Clinton held strong, only dropping 2%.

The poll also stated that there is a growing support for Condoleezza Rice; therefore, proving that yet another female candidate could become a contender. (Fulcher, 2006, n.a.)   Over all, the poll suggested that 64% of those polled believed that the United States is ready for a female Commander in Chief.

Personally, I feel that the United States is ready for drastic change and when taking into account the results of the recent elections the voting public proved such, as the Democrats regained control of the House.

Polls are suggesting that the chauvinistic attitude once rampant in the United Stats has softened, approximately 64% of those polled, as stated above.  Though I believe the country is ready for the female leader the candidates will face the remaining 36% against such a change.

Our society is changing drastically.  For example, a society once dead against allowing gays to legally wed, is softening in the more liberal states.   The public opinion has changed and the country is ready for drastic change; therefore, I believe that the United States can handle a female President.


American Government Assignment essay

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