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I have done my pre-production task, producing an advertisement for a new mobile phone that would possibly appear in a magazine or be displayed on a billboard. My work was split into two parts, the research and the designing. Research The research was carried out so that I know what the audience would like to see in a phone. I designed a questionnaire containing 10 questions. The questions asked were based on mobile phones. The research was conducted on 5 males and 5 females around the age of 13 to 16. The phone is being targeted on teenagers.

All the questions asked were multiple-choice and were straight forward and wouldn't have taken a long time. The feedback which I got back from my questionnaires gave me a clear idea of what my audience wanted. Most people, if offered a 1000 Dhs. to go and spend on a mobile, would go and buy a Nokia. They would look for phones with special features. Most people use their phones for messaging. They would want a small and handy phone and black colour is preferred. In an advertisement for a phone they would like to see a famous person, but the advert would have to make the reader think. Design

Using the information from the research and the questionnaires I would have to produce an advertisement advertising the product. I had made two different advertisement ideas. Both the designs were first drawn by hand on an A4 plain paper. Then, on coloured paper, I stuck pictures, converting the drafts into something more presentable. My final design idea contained both the previous designs put together to make it more appealing. Design 1: The first design is a simply laid out advert. There is an image showing the front and the back of the back phone. An actual size picture of the phone was placed on the advert.

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A list of special features was added. This was important because lots of people are attracted by special offers. Underneath, I used three words to describe the phone. A picture of Chad Smith, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers was placed alongside a quote commenting on the phone. This design had a pale background making the phone stand out more. This was a simple advert, and nowadays simplicity is the best thing. Design 2: A lot of people wanted small and handy sized phones.

This advert has an image of pocket with a mobile phone, an iPod and a camera. There is a caption saying 'Pockets Ful' Below the image, is an image of actual size of the phone with all the same features as an iPod and a camera, all in one. The basic idea is that instead of carrying three things, you could make your life easier by just carrying one. This design could be incorporated with the first design idea. A famous person could be used. Design 3: This was my final idea and in my opinion was the best so far. I had taken pictures of myself with a camera, an iPod and a phone being used all at once. I had written in bold, HANDS FULL? Then I took pictures using only the phone for the same jobs as the iPod and the camera.

And then wrote, '... be smart. ' This advert is basically trying to say that teenagers carry around a lot of stuff like an iPod and a camera. Instead they could just 'be smart' and have only a mobile phone which is capable of holding songs and a high mega pixel camera. My body language in all the pictures had to be careful. The background is pale as well, making the pictures and the phone stand out. It may look even better with a white background. After completing each design, I had to make sure that they were all worth presenting. The first advert is simple and will attract quite a few people.

I don't think the second one is as effective. The third advert is really funny and effective. If used with a model or someone really famous then this advert would be the most affective. Conclusion This phone is being targeted at teenagers. It has all the features that the current audience is looking for. The audience research has been helpful in finding out what appeals to the audience. I think that the third design is the most effective and will definitely serve the purpose. It will most likely be perfected in the production stage using the computer and software such as Photoshop.

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