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Getting a Pre-Nuptial Agreement

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Marriage is one of every one’s dreams, at least majority do. It is the union of two lives and two souls. Sometimes it is by choice, and sometimes it is a choice others make for you. Regardless of the nature of the union, whether it was desired for or not, a marriage is deemed forever unless legal matters step in and declare itself above all else.

It is unfortunate that there are marriages that end badly. Some get pay in money or with their lives. Others get hurt emotionally or physically. No matter how dreamy a person could get with the idea of marriage and a married life, it is still important to get a Prenuptial Agreement before anything else is settled and deemed final. Every couple must have a Prenuptial Agreement.

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Getting a prenuptial agreement does not mean that an end to the relationship is anticipated. Instead, the mindset is to get some ground rules. It is not being too cautious.

It is an assurance that human dignity can never be taken no matter what happens. With this in mind, four articles were used to explore the very idea. One of them suggested that there will always be expectations, some cannot be met.

The second is that money will always be talked about regardless of being forced to remain below a certain line. The third there will be sacrifices, not all should have been made. Lastly, it is to keep a certain degree of freedom despite these sacrifices.

According to Polly Sherman’s article entitled “Great Expectations”, the initial definition of marriage was for the sake of the kids and appearances. The society can destroy a person’s reputation without having all the facts.

But with only these for their reasons to maintain a married life, there came more divorces than people would have found comfort in. There were more unhappy unions as well. But the article also shared that people today define marriage as the ideal union.

It will be through finding the appropriate partner, who will understand everything about you and accept all strengths and flaws. It will be about love. It would encompass a match made through the soul.

However, regardless of the definition, expectations are still made. The package is simply bigger today. Sadly, not all expectation can be met. No matter how strong the will of a person might be, there will always be times when that cannot be met.

As the old cliché goes, you cannot have everything. People might expect, but sometimes it is better to expect nothing at all. A prenuptial agreement would help set those expectations in the event that something wrong comes along the way.

The second article is by Deborah Siegel. Her article “The New Trophy Wife” suggested that despite putting money an issue on the side, it gets to be the center of attention in the end. In her article, she used actual couples to illustrate her point.

It was written couples who earned almost the same amount had less problems in comparison to the couple where one earned more. This is highlighted further when the woman earns more.

This scenario pointed that regardless of how ideal the relationship is, there will always be problems. It is not saying that it is inevitable to have problems where money is concerned. However, when one of a pair is gaining more, insecurities are pinched at.

This will instigate all other emotions, including jealousy and even hate. The love they built might be overpowered by these negative emotions. More importantly, when it comes to money, personal assets might be misplaced or even taken away. A prenuptial agreement will secure that and a better future if the relationship becomes less sustainable.

In contrast to the other articles, Barbara Kantrowitz and Pat Wingert shared in “The Science of a Good Marriage” that the ideal image of a union, with that of a soul mate, is a mere myth. Effort should be exerted. Sacrifices will have to be made.

They made a study, through the nature of what he and his current wife do for a living, to determine these different realities. By having these different natures, they will be able to define and set criteria of what a good marriage should be like. They called it a science because they used a well thought research method to retrieve these information.

The article focused on getting the picture that seems to be left unsaid before a marriage is affirmed by a ceremony. As illustrated in the article, marriage is not merely the simply combination of the yin and yang. That might be a beautiful dream but realities are more important.

A prenuptial agreement may assist in minimizing the dilemma with regards to how much sacrifices are made. Sacrifices are a part of life. One will have to sacrifice to achieve something even greater. But in certain marriages, there are sacrifices that are uncalled for. Those are situations where none is achieved, much less returned.

 Lastly, the story by William Faulkner “A Rose for Emily” is a about a woman who stood from everyone else in the community. The members of society suspected so much of her. They judged and scrutinized her very existence, even until that last day of her life.

But despite what other people thought of her, she acted the way she would have thought appropriate. It might not be with the approval of everyone else, but she does not need the approval of others to make what she does worth doing and her life worth living.

In line with this, no matter what happens, a life partner should let their other half be themselves without judgmental eyes. This might be a more romantic aspect of a getting a prenuptial agreement, but this does not even have to be the legal kind.

It should be a silent agreement between the lovers that they should let each other be as themselves. Otherwise, if they try to change the other too much, he or she would not be the same person they love and chose to begin with. It would be just their ideals and not who those people really are.

In conclusion, a prenuptial agreement is very important. It will set expectations for either party. It will stand in opposition to financial issues if it gets in the way of the progress in their relationship. It will establish how much either constituent should sacrifice to make the relationship work through the years. Finally, the agreement is to allow those involved to be themselves without any form of restraint or coercions.

These points cover the basic reasons as to why it is important to attain a prenuptial agreement before there will be any signing of documents or walking down aisle. Having one at hand does not mean that the couple anticipates what is going to happen to their marriage.

No one can actually tell the future unless they are the ones to make for themselves. Other people cannot tell them the flow they will have to follow unless for their own beliefs and choices.

Marriage is the ideal union of lives and souls. But it is not the perfect relationship one can live by. Problems will always rise from different causes. Allowing the relationship to fail and break will be by the hands of the couple themselves. It will depend not only on their feelings but also on their principles.

If what they want is clear to them, and a happy married life is what they are after, a prenuptial agreement will assist them in achieving that goal. It is not a means to an end. Instead, it is a guide to make things better regardless of what happens through it.

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