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After gain such Insight Into back grounds I believe that It Is detrimental for every man that was to govern or shepherd a flock to be well equipped in the area of biblical back grounds. Although It Is not a sufficient, It Is very necessary to gain the understanding that comes from the text. Background is also another crucial hermeneutical tool. That can give us proper insight to the true understanding ot what the author was trying to say to the readers of that day. And if the readers in this modern day can get the real message that the original author was trying to convey to the modern day audience.

I believe that pastors and teachers should get the highest level of back ground although history is not the only way to interpret the passages of In scripture but the background trom non-canonlcal and socio-cultural standpoints can give the readers a better way to look at how and why the scriptures were constructed and format of the passages These studies of backgrounds Just show us why these passages were spoken to the speclflc passages and then allow the teachers to correctly apply it to their flock.

But first pastors/ teacher need to have the most hollstlc meaning before they can deliver a message ot scripture because It Is God holy and divine word and they have to be careful on what they are trying to say because If they do not understand what the author is trying to say to the specific audience then the message cannot be properly deliver to Gods intended audience, and then because false teaching and sends the followers of Christ astray because they did not have the proper meaning because there was no broad study of why this passage was written and why it was constructed and formatted in that fashion. . There are many ways that the Backgrounds can help and assist teaching and pastoring ministries. This mostly helps with the leaders getting a better understand f the overall meaning in the passages of the bible. And the only way is use hermeneutical methods. A hermeneutical tool can be backgrounds and background is not just the historical even but it's also talking about the culture at the time and the perception ot the culture to the event and how they reacted to events. These different uses and aspects of background can Just make it easier to grasp the meaning of the author in the passage.

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If the leaders of the teaching and pastoral mlnlstrles want to give what God was trying to tell HIS people then they must do the research and focus on the background and help shape the meaning of the book or assage. And then they will Interpret the context ot which the passage was written and why they needed to hear the passage. And then the ministries can contextualize the passage in the proper manner and make it applicable to this day in age This helps because readers normally contemporize the bible and forget that there was an original audience that were not living in the same type of culture we live into today.

God knows what He wants to say but It Is our job to tind who He Is saying to, why He is saying it, and how it can be applied toour modern life. And that is why it so Important for the interpretation, that the ministries know why the passage Is written and that they apply It correctly and they do not allegorize the passage and then they w ge tne proper meaning ana tnen tnls study can nelp tnem. 3. Background Is a very important and vital to our u comprehension of the bible.

However, since we know that it is necessary, we also need to be aware that it is not sufficient and it will not get us to the meaning by itself. This is a way that this can hurt the background study because they can possibly hold the background to highly ranked in the interpretation process and use this tool as the only tool. But if they do they can get too caught up in the event and culture and then totally ignore the text.

This practice shows that the implications and applications of the text are not significant because the readers are only looking at the distinct even that text mentions. The text most of the time does not even focus on the event, and those who put the backgrounds higher on the totem pole will normally try to find the significance of the background even though text may not even refer to the specific even but because it highlights that event they will dig deeper and forget what the message of the text is trying to onvey to the readers in this day and the time that it was written.

But if they use the backgrounds as a secondary tool to help interpret the text then it is a helpful took and then the translation of the meaning will not be lost and then the background study is helpful and no longer hurting their understanding of the passage. 4. The theological ontology of scripture should speak to the application of the readers as a correct model to perform a hermeneutic. Although, backgrounds is not the only way to go about reading and looking for interpretation it can be starting point.

It is very ecessary to help comprehend what the author was saying and why he was saying that, and this is very beneficial to the readers and researchers today. Because this is the correct theoretical way of getting information from the passages of scripture. Although, background focuses on the events and culture, we can still see as readers the spiritual impact that Jesus had in the Old and New Testament on the events, political fgures, and cultures of the day. The theological implications in the backgrounds can help us define what we are looking for to use to better understand the scriptures provided to us.

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