A public policy research paper on contemporary issues

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A contemporary issue is one which is distinctively modern in style, one which is current, ongoing, present or present-day in nature. A policy on the other hand according to the context of contemporary is a program of actions adopted by person, government, the set of principles which govern the program.

In the modern times in the USA, when the issue of contemporary matter is talked about, the mind is automatically pointed toward the vices in the society, those actions or habits which are vexing and considered as socially unacceptable by civilized people. Reason, prudence and common sense will highlight these issues which are in fact very rampant and prevalent in the society today.

When such a debate is instituted, that is “public policy on contemporary issues”, several matters must be concurrently held in the mind for an effective and efficient outcome to be obtained.

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Having answered by definition our key terms, the next question that we should ourselves is the symptoms that a contemporary issue exists and whether it is anti-societal codes, what its causes are, the diagnosis available and the solutions that are les costly but effective which can be implemented within a short time to tackle the problem.

I want to take the issues of drug abuse, drug trafficking and manufacturing. Colombia is an infamous country well known for its cocoa. This plant which is used to produce cocaine has in fact led to a serious drug abuse problem in the society because both the young, the old even children seen to take it as the order of the day.

Drugs are the roots of all evils committed in the society, they hamper upright reasoning and instead of the mind taking control of the body, in fact the body takes control. Drugs have many negative effects on users ranging from incurable minor diseases to permanent mental retardation. It is drugs according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the Unites States that contribute to major crimes in the USA.

“Many Christians have taken the use of drugs as petty, they cannot however go through their daily chores without a dose of these drugs yet they don’t see the seriousness of their problem. They cannot think on their own, that substance has benumbed their senses and they are left as wrecks in this indulgence”. I am going to take this topic more from a Christian perspective since Colombia is Christian state with more than 96% of its population being Roman Catholics.

In 1980, the amount of cocaine exported amounted to half the total export of Colombia. See how serious the problem is. The New York Times in its column on the amazing truths reported this as a world wonder. How can an illegal substance such as this be exported to such a magnitude yet there is a government to curb it? The question was where was the government when all this happened?

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