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Pomina-Vietnam Analasys

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Pomina Steel Company was established in 1999 with chartered capital 42 billion VND and the capacity of 300,000 tons/ year. Their main businesses are iron and steel production, recycling of scrap metal and trading of steel products. Pomina is one of the most trustworthy brands in producing steel in the south of Viet Nam and is the first firm in the south gets 2 certificates about quality and environment ISO 9001, ISO 14001. Start up in Binh Duong was considered like the good land to grow the firm.

They put the quality on the top of concern to create the difference and the comparative advantages in the intensive competitive environment, so the founders has selected to invest in leading technological lines of steel lamination is Vai-Pomini and Simac from Italy. In 2002, Pomina can provide for the market above 600,000 tons of laminating steel per year. In 2005 Pomina invested in Phu My industrial zone to build the draft refining company with the capacity 500,000 tons/ year.

This was also the first refining company using Consteel technology in Viet Nam and the 20th in the world. In 2007, the total capacity of Pomina’s companies reached 500,000 tons of refining and 600,000 tons of laminating per year. Besides serving domestic customers, Pomina also exported to Cambodia and by 2006, the revenue of exportation was 20 million USD. In July 2009, Pomina increased the chartered capital to 820 billion VND by separate issue and they were accepted as a public company by The State Securities Commission.

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On the other hand, Pomina run a lot of social activities and charity in trying helping poor people, which make them have a lot of favor from society, customers and create the development more and more. In April 2010, Pomina made its initial public offer on the HCM City Stock Exchange (HOSE) with the par value of 48,000 VND per share. The list code of the company is POM. The number of listed shares was 80 million shares and separate issue of 10 million shares for institution that want to invest.

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