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Marol Pasha Pet Groom Services LLP

This is a sole proprietorship form of business that deals with pet-grooming. The services offered in regards to pets ensure the clients’ pets are well kept and live a healthy life as they deserve to. Apart from advising the clients on proper pet-grooming, other services offered are: pet-washing, nail trimming, teeth cleaning and even coat shaving. These services are provided under great expertise, use of advanced equipment and a lot of creativity (Tomasi, M. 2005).

Marol Pasha Pet Groom Services is founded on sole proprietorship due to quite a number of reasons. It is of great importance to note that pets need proper look, care and maintenance in order to depict the owners’ love for them. Consequently, each pet deserves quality time to ensure that it gets the best from the grooming exercise. Sole proprietorship provides a chance to meet all these client needs. Subsequently, this form of business organization ensures tax payment is in terms of personal income tax on the profits obtained simplifying the action of accounting. This gives the individual an opportunity to attain an account at various banks. The owner is the sole decision maker and this makes him to choose the best direction for the company. (Pfund, K. (1999).

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 Thirdly, a business is an income generating activity hence it provides an opportunity to earn a daily living irrespective of one’s social class. Business organized in sole proprietorship gives this chance as it has few legal formalities. In this case of pet grooming one only requires expertise more so in handling the pets and the equipment use when cleaning. Finally, sole proprietorship encourages self employment and an embrace of the spirit of entrepreneurship hence self drive, determination and independence. All this is required for the pet grooming business.

Conclusively, Marol Pasha Pet Groom Services is availed to all pet owners for proper access to grooming of their pets.


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