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Sha'rron Shelby Cynthia Bartles ENG 104 3/27/13 Essay two Final “Pet Sounds” vs. “Rubber Soul” Have you ever heard of the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and the Beatles' Rubber Soul? If not I recommend that you listen to these albums, especially if you love someone. Speaking of these bands there are many differences and similarities when it comes to the love and the friendship that the artists between these two albums. As you can tell the band members has been through many major things throughout their life.

Also you can tell that both of the Beach Boys and The Beatles have been through many situations by the way their music is mixed up and by the way the performed during their concerts. From my point of view, I believe the Pet Sounds album was the best between the two albums because it was excellent. I can personally relate to the Pet Sounds album because I'm pretty much going through the same thing with my relationship. Now don't get me wrong the Rubber Soul album was cool but there was a lot of love and affection, and the companionship that was demonstrate throughout the Pet Sounds album that makes me love it so much.

Both of the bands have been through plenty of things throughout their lifetime. You can tell that the guys have been going through a cluster of things because of the lyrics and their music choice. Speaking of the albums, in Rubber Soul, “Michelle”, this song is all about being in love with a girl that is French. The lyrics explain that this man is absolutely in love with this woman and he is doing everything possible to show her that. He just wants to inform her that she has nothing to worry about and that he wants to be her everything.

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He always tells her that he loves her on the account of her being French and because the only words that she understands in English. This guy has proven that he is in love with this woman when he says: “I need to, I need to, I need to. I need to make you see,Oh, what you mean to me. Until I do I'm hoping you willKnow what I mean. I love you... ” I admire these lyrics because this man is trying his best to prove to this woman that he is really in love and he is going to do whatever it takes to get her to understand. However, I really dislike the beat that was made with this song.

The beat and the way there were singing made it seem like there were not interested at all in the girl they were singing about.. But The Beach Boys' took a different route with “Wouldn’t it be nice” The lyrics says: “Wouldn't it be nice if we were olderThen we wouldn't have to wait so longAnd wouldn't it be nice to live togetherIn the kind of world where we belongYou know it’s gonna make it that much betterWhen we can say goodnight and stay together” And when I hear these lyrics I think of my own relationship because that is where I'm at in my life.

The song has a very nice beat, with the guys singing so lovely and joyful. In this song he explains how he has either a close friend or a girlfriend and wants to make it where they can start living together so they can hold onto one another all day and night, wake up to each other and possibly get married. They don't want to continue talking about living together; they want to make it happen. Both songs have good reasoning of showing they are in love with the person they are communicating with. I personally think both songs are amazing because they speak about real love in my eyes.

But I liked the song “Wouldn’t it be nice” because it really shows a lot of love and affection and I can personally connect with the song. I can personally connect with the song because my boyfriend and I feel the same exact way when it comes to this song. On the Rubber Soul album, there is a song called “Wait” and it is very beautiful. This man has asked either his friend or girlfriend to wait for him until he had come home again. They have had some ups and downs, like regular couples do and he just wants her to wait for him. If her heart is still broken after all the stuff they been through, then he does not want her to wait for him.

But if she can wait, he hopes that she will not move on and just wait for his return. In the song he says: “It's been a long time, now I'm coming back home. I've been away now, oh, how I've been alone. Wait till I come back to your side,we'll forget the tears we cried. But if your heart breaks don't wait, turn me away. And if your heart's strong, hold on, I won't” I thought it was so wonderful. But it still leaves questions like why did he leave in the first place and where did he go? But I also want to know what made him want to leave knowing that he didn't want to lose her.

As the song plays, it sounds very exciting, but I just don't like all of the instruments being used throughout this song. It’s like they were trying too hard to make something of the song. Besides, there is a song called, “You still believe in me” by the Beach Boys'. In this song a guy is probably not where he needs to be mentally or physically. He has done so much to this girl that she still shows him love and support. He has tried his hardest to be what she wants him to be but cannot help the way that he acts when she is not with him.

In the lyrics he says: “Every time we break up, you bring back your love to me, And after all I've done to you, How can it be” As you can see, he has realized that he has done something very terrible to her a couple times and he is trying to figure out why does she keeps forgiving him and still believes in him. Now the instruments they have decided to use for this song is so perfect and relaxing. I really like how they changed their voice tones throughout the song from a high to low pitch. In both of these songs, you can tell that these guys have women that really love them and want to be with them.

Even after all of the tears an heart break, they still want to continue lovely them so deeply and strong. But the song that I really enjoyed was “You still believe in me”. I really enjoyed this song because I can kind of relate this song to my relationship. At the beginning of our relationship, he was not mentally ready to settle down but after two months he settled down and was fully committed to me. Also there were a lot of things he didn't believe in his self about but I helped him to start believing in his self because I believed in him.

Speaking of both of the bands, they most definitely speak on the love for the woman they are in a relationship with. In the song “Caroline, No”, by the Beach Boys, the woman told him that she would never change herself and eventually she did. In the song he says, “Where did you long hair go, Where is the girl I use to know, How could you lose that happy glow Oh, Caroline no”, And by him saying those words, you can tell he is a little upset because she said that she would never change. As I listen to the song, I can feel the pain that he is going through, and know that he is very emotional.

While you listen to the beat it’s very smooth and touching. In contrast, the song “Run for your life” has a very fast beat and it sounds very exciting. I'm surprised at the beat and the way they are singing because you would have thought they would have been very angry or would have had a very hard mean beat instead of a happy one. When he says, “Well I'd rather see you dead, little girl, Than to be with another man, You better keep your head, little girl, Or I want know where I am”, I feel so sorry for that girl that she even had to go through that tragedy.

I couldn't imagine a guy wanting to kill a little girl because she does not want to be with him. But back in the day, I guess those are the type of things that you would have had to expect. But it’s very sad because as we speak, now days many little girls lose the lives because they choose not to be with someone and the person felt like if you didn't want to be with them then they don't want you to be with nobody else. Then they will kill you so that you would not be able to date other people. There is some love in these songs but more of affection.

It is crazy how guys think now days about how to be in a relationship and it still happens in today society. Most of all I really adore the song “Caroline, No” because you can feel that he is upset and he wants the old her back. As a final point, I really enjoyed the “Pet Sound” album the most because of the adoration, attachment, and friendship that was delineated throughout the album. But I can also say that I enjoyed the “Rubber Souls” album because some of the lyrics but it was the instruments that were used that I didn't care for.

Even though these people had hard times throughout their life as far as the love goes, they still made it and I hope they eventually found true love. There were many similarities and differences that were approached throughout these two albums because of the way they expressed their love and care for their woman. But both of the albums were really based on love. So back to the question I ask earlier, have you ever heard of the Beach Boys, “Pet Sound” album and the Beatles, “Rubber Soul”? After reading this essay I'm pretty sure you will want to look them up and get to know them especially if you are in love with someone.

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