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The benefit of a PESTLE analysis is that it allows you to complete a basic audit on an organisations position in relation to the macro environment It can then go to influence a number of business decisions within the organisation . I would also use this tool to complete the strength and weaknesses of a SWOT analysis which I believe sits well alongside this tool. I believe the PESTLE framework is a good way to highlight the potential threats to a business yet my concern is that the data collated could be only one side of a coin.

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For PESTLE analysis to be balanced it may need a ‘group’ to complete independent reports and then share them together to get a more accurate assessment. I also read up a phrase which I really liked which suggests that the collecting of too much information may make it difficult to see the wood from the trees “PARALYSIS by ANALYSIS” PESTLE ANALYSIS ODEON & UIC CINEMA Odeon & UIC Cinema operate in UK and major European countries 236 cinema and 2179 screens as of December 2012 The PESTLE Analysis below is mainly for the UK arm of the business Political Government review of Film Policy was release Jan 2012 is positive news for the film industry, * Plans to bring film education to all schools and raise interest in the cinema world Economic * Interests rates remain low which should allow for investment in development of new projects * Revenue growth held back due to lower advertising revenues Social cultural * A trip to the cinema is still an affordable form of entertainment. * It caters for all ages and offers varied genre Average age range of highest % of cinema goers is the 24-34 year age * Many of the new developments in the Odeon experience surround the introduction of better food and drink offering collaborating with Costa Coffee, Croma gourmet pizza bar … Technological * Innovation in film quality and special effects is keeping the cinema experience current * Social media utilised for marketing is a growth area * 3-D screens and digital rolled out and completed in uk * 16 I-MAX theatres introduced to UK territory Online purchasing of tickets reducing queue times and booking queries Legal * Government giving strong commitment to deal with piracy and illegal exploitation of intellectual property, * UK Film Tax Relief remains unchanged Ethical and ecological * In the UK Odeon Cinema have backed to key government initiatives , Responsible Drinking and the Health Responsibility pledge * Policies in place to reduce energy, water and waste materials are in place throughout all the territories.

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