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AT&T has much strengths and weaknesses and threats as an organization. This SWOT will serve as a tool for identifying alternative strategies for the organization and help define a growth plan. AT&T is a corporate business, their global headquarters is located in Dallas Texas, and the current chief executive officer (CEO) is Randall L. Stephenson. For more than a century they have consistently provided innovative, reliable high quality products and services and excellent customer care. They are recognized as the leading provider of IP-based communications services and businesses.

They’re also the top U. S. provider of wireless, high speed internet access, WIFI, local and long distance voice, and directory publishing and advertising services. AT&T is known for offering one the world’s most advanced and powerful global backbone networks carrying 16. 5 pet bytes of data traffic on an average business day to nearly every continent and country, with up to 99. 999 percent reliability. AT&T’s portfolio is probably one of the best in the market place. They deliver choice, value and convenience across a range of options.

Millions of people have chosen their comprehensive service bundles because of our competitive reasonable pricing and the convenience of a single bill for wired and wireless voice and data, broadband Internet, TV and messaging services. They serve millions of independent business. They give their business customers access to their IP networks which is one of the world’s most advanced through voice, data and video services. AT&T is a global leader in providing wholesale services to carriers, wireless service providers, cable providers, systems integrators, Internet service providers and content providers.

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AT&T began when Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone in 1876. That became the foundation of AT&T. First it was called the Bell Company but in 19th Century AT&T became the parent company of the Bell system which was the American telephone monopoly. At that time the Bell system provided the telephone service in the world. However, the system was broken up into eight companies by an agreement by AT&T and the Department of Justice in 1984. From 1984 until 1996 AT&T was an integrated telecommunications services and equipment company, succeeding in a newly competitive environment.

In 1995 On September 20, AT&T announces that it is restructuring into three separate companies: a services company, retaining the AT&T name; a products and systems company (later named Lucent Technologies) and a computer company (which reassumed the NCR name). Lucent is spun off in October 1996, and NCR in December, 1996. Three years later AT&T announces general availability of its local residential telephone service in New York with a bundled plan called "AT&T Local One Rate New York. " This is AT&T's first general reentry into the consumer local telephone business since the breakup of the Bell System.

It occurs under the provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The Telecommunications Act triggered dramatic changes in the competitive landscape. SBC Communications Inc. established itself as a global communications provider by acquiring Pacific Telesis Group (1997), Southern New England Telecommunications (1998) and Ameritech Corp. (1999). In 2005, SBC Communications Inc. acquired AT&T Corp. , creating the new AT&T. With the merger of AT&T and BellSouth in 2006, and the consolidated ownership of Cingular Wireless and YELLOWPAGES.COM, AT&T is positioned to lead our industry in one of its most significant transformations since the first telephone more than 130 years ago. One of AT;T’s strengths is there is their Broadband service because they are the nation’s largest broadband provider. They provide good high speed internet which has a lot of good features unlimited email and photo storage, 1.5 megabytes per second downstream and above, internet radio, security tools, web cam capabilities, free WIFI and 24/7 technical support.

Another Strength AT&T has is their wireless voice and data services. More than 72. 9 million customers across the United States rely on wireless voice and data services from AT&T. Their service is boosted by the most customer-friendly policies and practices of any U. S. wireless carrier. Simplified rate plans, street-level coverage maps, easy-to-use parental controls and a 30 day return policy which is why AT&T is the first national carrier to be awarded the CTIA's "Consumer Code for Wireless Service" seal.

They offer the largest international voice coverage worldwide, their customers are able to call six continents and in more than 200 countries. They also are the lead the industry with their devices, their customers have benefitted from many “first”. They first introduced the very popular I- Phone, the BlackBerry, and the world’s smallest flip phone with a camera, and such devices like the Motorola RAZR. Although AT&T has a very well rounded history which attracts loyal customers, they also have competition from the newer companies.

One of their main competitors is Verizon, But Verizon is AT&T N. Y. They are also a leader in broadband and wireless communication, and the new AT&T U- verse service include professional installed HD- ready receivers and Wireless gateway, which connects to personal computer and other devices. They serve nearly 71 million customers nationwide; they deliver innovative and seamless business solutions to customers around the world, and bring customers the benefits of converged communications, information and entertainment services over the nation's most advanced fiber-optic network.

I think one weakness AT&T does have is competition. Even though their wireless network is strong point for AT&T it’s also a weakness because they have many competitors who are climbing the ladder with revenues and service. For instance Comcast is now becoming one of the biggest cable companies and so is dish network. Besides the competition, I think that they have been on top for so long. It wasn’t very long ago that they had monopoly on telephone service. I don’t think they could they achieve such a goal with so many companies and so much technology.

I could see maybe five or ten years down the line AT&T will still be the top phone service, but maybe someday someone will come out with a new telephone service that will top the industry. It’s possible that their competitors could be the next big service, anything can happen but I still see AT&T at the top for a long time. AT&T Corp Strengths: Strength in diversity, Network capacity, Patent portfolio Weaknesses: Acquisition integration, Continuing implication of split-offs, Debt Opportunities: Advanced IP service, AT&T Labs, AT&T U-verse

Threats: Rapid technological development, Competition, Substitute Social Responsibility: Our Commitment AT&T is committed to advancing education, strengthening communities and improving lives. Through its philanthropic initiatives and partnerships, AT&T and the AT&T Foundation supports projects that create opportunities, make connections and address community needs where we — and our customers — live and work. Supporting education has been a major focus for AT&T for more than a century, and education is our key philanthropy focus. We are driven to help students succeed — in school, in the workforce and in life.

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