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Differences between Genders Not Created by Social Conditioning

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This paper intends to observe males in social settings, as well as, in the workplace. In addition to that, it will try to identify the differences between opposite genders in terms of those not created from social conditioning. Finally, it will also enumerate social conditions promoting gender inequality that adversely affects the society. Observations The following are some of the ones I noticed among the males in social settings and in the workplace:

In the office, there was a man who didn’t care how excellent the result of his work will turn out to be, what he is focused on is accomplishing is (Marriage Missions International n. p. ). It doesn’t really matter to him if his colleagues will approve of his work just as long as it is done (Marriage Missions International n. p. ). Another man speaks of his desired promotion and salary increase which shows how important money and power are to him (Marriage Missions International n. p. ).

Finally, there was a man at the party who did not seem to care how badly ironed his clothes were (Marriage Missions International n. p. ). His hair was even too messy to look at (Marriage Missions International n. p. ). It is clearly evident that he cares less about his appearance (Marriage Missions International n. p. ). Differences Based on the observations carried out, the differences among genders which are not brought about by social conditioning are the following: First of all is preference.

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The “outward show” of an individual is not taught by somebody he or she is with. This depends on what the person wants or desires. Another is known as innate ability/attitude. A man was not trained or taught to want money or fame, this is instilled in him. It’s an attitude he already has. The same is true with his performance; a man may be innately lazy and not motivated to work excellently. Social Conditions The social conditions that may promote gender inequality are the following: The first is gender roles.

This may create adverse effects on the society because gender roles are behaviors which a particular culture or group of people expects from people (Net Industries, LLC n. p. ). Therefore, if a certain person acts contrary to whatever expectations their group may have then it creates chaos and bias from these people (Net Industries, LLC n. p. ). For example, in certain cultures only the men/husband are expected to work and earn for the entire family and so if there is anybody female/wife is the one earning/working, this somehow creates bias from the culture/society they belong to (Net Industries, LLC n.p. ).

The problem with this is that the women may tend to be abused and may be looked down upon because of their expected role (Net Industries, LLC n. p. ). Another is based on “materialist theories” which means that genders are linked to the economic output of both genders (Eitzen et. al. 251). Here, women are constantly discriminated upon because in the past women are paid much less than men (Eitzen et. al. 251). The society is affected believing that up to now this is still the case (Eitzen et. al. 251).

Differences between Genders Not Created by Social Conditioning essay

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