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Opening Statement State V Micahel Miller

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Ladies and Gentleman of the jury, here we have a malicious crime towards humanity. Here we have the Shirley Thompson accusing Michael Miller of aggravated sexual assault, also holding her at knife point. Shirley Thompson was walking home on the early morning of January 9th. As she is on her way home from a tiring day from work she is viscously attacked by this molester also known as Michael Miller. Thompson works a 7pm-3am shift and on this shift she is the only waitress working.

From working this shift she felt sick and asked permission to end her shift at 11 pm. She decided not to contact he husband to tell him she was on her way home because Thompson only lives a six block distance from the tasty good restaurant where she is employed. My client has only worked there for 5 months she meets people that come in and out of that place every day. THAT MAN right their Michael Miller attacked my client on that night of Jan 9th, He will tell you that they had met in times before. Miller and Thompson had an agreement to meet each other.

In actuality she had never seen this man before in her life. Mr Miller is employed at Eddie’s service station. Mr. Miller has been through the legal system in times before he has been charged with burglary and pleaded guilty and was let go on 5 yrs probation. We have all the evidence needed to prove that Miller is indeed guilty of this crime towards this hard working lady. Not only do we Ms Thompsons Chilling description of the crime and question: we also have the reporting officers testimony stating the fact in which he found Ms.

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Thompson after her encounter with this molester. Also in our hands are the physicians medical report that reveals that presence of sperm inside of my client. The Thompson family have been deeply scared by this heinous act. This man should be charged with Rape in the 1st degree, criminal possession of a weapon in the 4th degree and kidnapping in the 4th degree. He should kept out of society it’s obvious he can’t socialize without attack. He has shown attendance for crime in his past, that same criminal instinct has rise once again

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