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Opening Paragraphs for a “Heroes” Essay

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A hero is defined as a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. People desire someone to admire at certain times to help lead and guide them. The many paths of life help to shape heroes. They can be found anywhere from a police officer to a football player. Everyday people will look for them for inspiration for themselves. Heroes push us to strive for more out of life while also helping us through tough times.

Heroes are very important to our way of life and shape our view of life.

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People need heroes for three reasons: devastation, tragedy and losses. The devastation of an event can cause a person to need a hero, someone to look to for answers. When a person encounters a tragedy, they also try to look to someone as a solution for their problems. People encounter losses everyday and each day they seek guidance. In each of the above situations, persons yearn for a hero. Certain events in our life can have profound effects on us.

A lot of time, it is from devastating events. Devastating events can be extremely disappointing and heart wrenching. Battling our way out of these events can truly show the heart of a person. Heroes shine in times such as these. They battle through the hardest of adversity and win. These adversities can range from the simple to the momentous. When devastation occurs, persons are in a hole, looking for a way out and find their shining hero at the end to help save them.

This is where the heroes come in making for a great ending and promising future. Heroes in this situation are made through experience and knowledge of how hard such devastation can be. People then look to them to see how they got through it and can follow their example. When a disappointment occurs, persons need to know that there is hope, hope knowing that someone else overcame the same obstacle. We all encounter devastations but tragedies are encountered less often.

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