Facebook considers opening site to children

Last Updated: 18 Jun 2020
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Facebooks manager of privacy & safety had announced that the social network has "thought a lot" about opening up the site to children under the age of thirteen to get the opportunity to access on to Facebook. Similarly, Facebook had changed its policies that allow children under thirteen to put public post online that can be viewed by everyone in the world. Therefore, this may effect children's life. Opening the site to children under the age of thirteen is a bad idea due to many issues.

First, it might cause cyber bullying on the social medias; second, it might effect the children and their families' communication; and third, it might cause kidnapping, rape or murder cases. Cyber bullying is an anti-social behavior and this is related to technologies and the internet. First, cyber bullying is referring any kind of aggressive behavior through social media. Cyber bullying could happen by text, Facebook posting, Tweet, Skype, or E-mail, but most constantly happen on Facebook.

Cyber bullying usually resulting in trauma victim, can also cause low cademic achievement, interpersonal, alienation, there may even produce retaliatory attacks forced the victim or the victim turned to bullying others; it also has some impact in the offender, the offender adult crime, alcohol abuse is quite high, with the offender characteristics, 60% male perpetrators for crimes committed before the age of 24, non-male offender characteristics only 23%.

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So if Facebook do allows children under the age of 13, there might be a chance to increase the cyber bullying cases. Second, communication between the children and their family is very important, but f Facebook allows children to gain access to Facebook, it will affect the communication the children and their family. A family with good communication between each other might involve lots of technological activities; indeed, technology may become a tool or media for the communication between each other.

For example, some people do not like to tell things face to face, but they open their heart through online chatting or messages (Facebook chatting); in this way, technology become a media to connect children and parents. Thus, it even improved the communication between children and parents. This will definitely effect the children and families' communications, by not communicating with each other. So if Facebook allows children access on to Facebook under the age of 13, it may effect the communication between the children and their families'.

Third, allowing children of the age of 13 or under gain access to Facebook might cause kidnapping, raping and murdering cases. Now a day, a lot of teens have Facebook accounts, and they enjoy using it. Chatting online with strangers turned going out in real life and this will lead them to getting kidnaped, raped or murdered; the crimes creates a fake nternet profile on Facebook and start chatting to the innocent teen or children, after they got the teen's or child's trust, and convincing them to go out together in real life.

Thus, the crimes such as kidnaps, rapes or murders them during the time when they are outside. Because these cases already happened to a lot of teenagers, it will increase possibly of the teens and childrens getting involve will kidnap, rape or Facebook opening site to children under the age of 13 to get the opportunity to access on to Facebook is extreme dangerous, because it will effect children's life, etal health, education or the negative effects and causes above.

Also, it takes up a lot of time on an online world and playing all the cyber games; instead in reality they may think it is not. Sometimes, people or things on the internet are fake and it is not trust worthy. Furthermore, the teenagers should be ware of the strangers on Facebook, must not share any personal information with them, or else they can find you and kidnap, rape or murder you. Due to many issues, Facebook should re-discuss and make an correct decision, because this will cause or effect many things that no one will want to happen.

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