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Existing Online Ordering Systems

In the previous chapter, we have provided the introduction of our project. We have described the background and motivation for the project and the importance of the problem in the previous chapter. After that we have described about the aims and objectives of our proposed solution concisely.

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In this chapter, we expect to provide the necessary background information of our project. We are going to illustrate some other approaches to the problems that were stated in previous chapter. 2.2 Prevailing systems

In the modern world online food ordering system is a one of popular e-business tactics used all over the world. In those systems restaurant or cafeteria lists their products and other relevant information about the products. Buyers will browse the listed products through internet, and they order some Food , some of them has ordering facilities among those system few of them has facility to order online in other system customer have to give a phone call to order.

In few systems customer can pay the money online but in other system customer have to pay money to person who delivers food. Also they can browse and find any restaurant in the country as they wish and order in there. Except those facilities there is no facility to order online food with ability to book dine-in table. There is no system to get orders from customer without waiter in the restaurant. There is no tabletop and Android application for other systems. Our system support and we develop these applications for our system.

EAT 24(Miami food delivery)

This is the collections of restaurants all over the world. They get orders from customers and deliver the Food to the customer’s door step. Customer can search by neighborhood; zip codes or cuisines then find a restaurant and order whatever he wants. Customer can dine in at any restaurant that he like in Miami. In the web site there are facilities to publish customer’s comments, information about restaurants and their Food and delivery information.

The Dons’ Food-Fried Pizza

The Dons’ Pizza offers dine-In( indoor seating & outdoor patio), carry out ( front counter or curbside) delivery, catering. Customer has to give a call to order. There is no facility to order online. Dons’ pizza has catering service for customer’s events but other systems.

Burger King

Burger King is a global area restaurant. They give facility to order Food and deliver Food to place where customer wants. Grub Hub
Customer can order Food online from a restaurant around them as they wish.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is also spread in world wide. Their website only gives the information about food they provide and nutrition, ingredients of the food.


Provide the option to rate, comment and share on social networks about your favorite locations.They give facility to order Food only by calling but online.


In their web site they provide information about their all branches, facilities they have given(bar availability, air condition or not, Food available for vegans, home delivery availability).They do not give facility to order Food online. Some of McDonalds outlets give only home delivery facility. Customer can publish their comments, give ratings.

In this chapter we discussed about full description about background information of the project and state about others’ approaches of online cafeteria system and also what are the special facility and exclusive advantages of our system.