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On-line advertisment Marketing

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It is the process of creating a strategy to deliver the right message to the right people promoting or advertising a certain commodity. Marketing can be done through many medium which include posters, billboards, and internet even on newspapers. EMARKETING This is a term used to define a method of marketing which is through the internet. It can be also be described as a process of promoting a company using online medium with the chief aim of increasing sales and boosting profit.

Internet marketing have several business models which are defined as objectives they include E-Commerce, where commodity is directly sold to the consumer, lead-based sites where a company make value by getting sales leads from the site. "The digital revolution has forced the markets to operate on quite different principles. Marketers are still learning the new Internet Age. The rapid pace of change makes it imperative that each company sets aside serious time to peer into the future and ask what adaptations should be implemented to survive these changes.

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On-line advertisment Marketing

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" By professor Kotler in the book Kotler on marketing E-MARKETING PLAN It is a strategic document industrialized through scrutiny and investigation and is intended to attaining marketing goals through electronic medium. Emarketing strategy symbolizes a sub –set of a union’s general marketing plan which supports the overall business plan. Each excellent emarketing plan must be developed together with the union’s general emarketing plan. In an expansive sense e marketers generally begin by investigating the current micro- and macro financial situation of the union .

Emarketers have to observe both internal and external aspects when mounting an e marketing strategy as tendency in both micro and macro atmosphere influence the unions ability to do business. Micro environments include: - pricing, suppliers, consumers, macro environment include: - socioeconomic, political, demographic and legal factors. To produce a practical e marketing solution, e marketers should understand the present situation of the corporation and its surroundings; outline, section the target, the right market and the planned position, the product as to get best feedback with the target market.

In general this is attained through SWOT scrutiny. By reviewing unions power and limitations and inspecting the present chances and pressure one can work out an emarketing plan that can develop the organization’s end result. PREPARING EMARKETING PLAN Its not easy work writing an emarketing plan. Although the aim of this white paper is not to provide a guide for development of an emarketing strategy rather, there are some difficulties that must be overcome to create an excellent plan which are:-.

Procrastination; busy executives ignore writing a strategy yet with the current technology there is a huge opportunity price to e-procrastination, postponement of the expansion of an emarketing plan can cost market opportunities and takings. Time is another barrier . The emarketing development strategy takes much time “(Think About ways to streamline the process. Examples and templates could be the answer. Seeing an Example plan to emulate and following a proven template can save you a great deal of time. Exhibit 2)”is an illustration of an emarketing MS word template that is time saving.

Other matters connected to the writing process like writers block and labor-intensive circuitous way of writing could are also main obstacles. There is also the challenge of finding the right analysis, way of increasing takings stream forecasts and the issue of which cost budgets to widen. http://www. isoc. org/internet-history – A Brief History of the Internet and Related Networks. OVERCOMING THE CIRCULAR PROCESS OF WRITTING It is wise to revise your emarketing plan before preparing the final draft. You will need to go in rounds to be sure that your document is clear and convincing.

The strategy writing process goes in rounds in that you write, edit, revise and re-write to the point where you may think you’ll never be through. No soft ware can aid you through this circular process. In spite of spelling and grammar check . Developing a plan is complex though there are a few short cuts to writing a Clear, brief and logical plan. Creating time effortlessly to come up with a polished and effective plan is very important in this aspect. Before perfecting, it will cost many hours of thinking, evaluating, researching, writing, modifying, editing, and re-writing till you get it right.

One helpful way is to go through illustrational plans that have been summarized. This is only meant to give you a guideline or a concept, it will not relieve you the labor of analyzing, editing, revising, writing and re-wring and so on till you get it right . your results at the end of it all should be a polished, professional looking and a refined e-business model. http://www. census. gov/mrts/www/ecomm. html - US Census Bureau, Quarterly Retail E-Commerce Sales. TECHNOLOGY FOR EMARKETING

This is a technology innovation that gives the opportunity to market goods and services to more customers and developing their allegiance by delivering quality, convenient, price competitiveness and the right product and services. Websites are used as a tool to market through the internet. “We know that the web is increasingly being used by people to help them make healthcare decisions,” said Professor Coiera. “We know that there can be negative consequences if people find the wrong information, especially as people in some countries can now self-medicate by ordering drugs online.

Australians can order complementary medicines online and these can interfere with other medications. ” The website should be attractive and precise to the information it is conveying t the users. Wed can be used to compress the distribution channel to avoid use of intermediaries to get your product and services to market. All these are done by the way a company or an organization design and host its website, through the design a website can be a give the best a marketer is required to express in the marketing field.

Websites that does not include the visitors’ essential motions and high participation will be rigid in term of selling dissimilar to that that caters for the buyers basic motions will sell easily. Internet Advertising Bureau - Online Adspend (2007-06-18) CUSTOMERS A customer expects a company to apply the information they know about them and continue to gain knowledge of their relationship and not to waste time with irrelevant and inappropriate offers. This can lead strong and more profitable relation with the customers.

Understanding and predicting customer character, organizations can form a competitive advantage although can be highly dependent on the personalization method used. “Why We Do What We Do: Understanding Self-Motivation by Edward L. Deci, Richard Flaste (Paperback)” To recognize the remuneration of personalization this is the understanding of customers’ basic motivation, a company must be able to successfully learn from each customer’s interaction and the track record. As a taboo, it is required for a marketer to update customer data analysis and information technology professionals to apply those updates on the internet.

Fortunately, automation of such task is now possible with incorporated, intelligent e-market application. ) E-Business fundamentals by Michael John Baker 2003 - 834 pages SEARCH ENGINES These are sites or link which are used to find or search information or certain content from the internet. One can get most of websites through initial basic inspirations using exploration engines or other search engines or supplementaries. This is an essential principle behind our speculation and model. The visitor is basically encouraged and highly involved in finding your website using yahoo or Google.

You must appreciate two quite essential keywords which are: - inherent encouragements and high involvement. “The new search engine interface we have designed could be a part of any search engine and allows people to organize the information they find, and as a result organize their thoughts better,” said Professor Coiera. SEARCH ENGINES OPTIMIZER Search engines optimizer help a business by fine tuning the company website code and contents to mach well with such engine like Yahoo, Google and MSN.

This is done by placing links back to your site keyword phrases, on other websites, the search engine look for the incoming links from other websites and not at the departing from your site to improve a business ranking on the internet. http://searchenginewatch. com – Essential website for information and news on search engines. WEBSITES AND AFFILIATES Website is the self-owned (merchant) internet tool for marketing ,advertisements e-commerce and so on while the affiliates is one web site promoting another web site’s product or services in exchange for a charge. The affiliates earn a commission while

Merchant places their advertising banner and links and content site world wide and only pay a commission when those like make sales. Affiliates selling have helped electronic market to develop from single brand website to multi-brand web page sponsors. “What is Affiliate Marketing? ” http://www. cj. com/frame_hom. asp, Commission Junction, www. cj. com, 2005 - 2008 TeaWithEdge. com - Marketing Articles, Strategy and Resources.. LOYALTY, CRM AND DATA MINING A company needs to establish an online automated system to measure and monitor the company performance to the set objectives.

The system should measure all the level of interaction with the customers through email, forms database etc. the company should have the relevant information the new customers are asking. Customer commitment is incorporated with CRM, in most instances such as organization culture change that even the most promising initiative get off the hand while the idea of CRM is beyond reprimand, both complicity of implementation and cultural change can change most well organized efforts. This e marketing plan forms the fundamental for a highly successful CRM starter effort with unexpected returns on investments.

(ROI) measures. Expertise advances have made this form of Emarketing sufficient, reasonable and direct. E-Business fundamentals by Michael John Baker 2003 - 834 pages E-MARKETING CAMPAIGN This is how a company advertises its product and service on the internet it can be on the email or other activities that drive customers to the site. (Source: Embellix eMarketing Plan Metrics Worksheet: Scenario E-Mail Marketing ROI Analysis) A good company must know what drive people to their sites e. g. use of captivating and strongly argued advertisements, what they really want.

One way to accomplish that is through the Return on investment ROI. Before one venture into the Emarketing campaign should try to approximate ROI yield, watch it during the campaign and calculate it after the campaign. John Berry, “Conversion Rates: An E-Retail Dynamic,” Internetweek, November 6, 2000; 90. (Source: Embellix eMarketing Plan Metrics Worksheet: Campaign Summary E-Mail ROI ) MEASUREMENT OF EMARKETING This concerns the evaluation of activities, cost revenues and profitability that helps to monitor and control the effectiveness of Emarketing. Measuring helps one to compare the predicted target and the final results.

This helps to keep track and update on the business progression. The Register - Internet advertising shoots past estimates ACCOUNTABILITY In marketing, accountability is essential as organizations and shareholders are seeking to hold the marketing personnel accountable for emarketing outcome. You must find ways of using measures to show that you are exceeding emarketing objectives of revenue development, Reaction rates, investment returns, cost savings, so as to exhibit accountability. Measures can also help in justification of the subsidy you get and to get your emarketing squad more wherewithal’s in the future.

Accountability regard to finding answers to important emarketing set up questions. David Legard, “Average Cost to Build E-commerce Site: $1 Million,” The Standard. com, www. thestandard. com, May 31, 1999. BRANDING Branding is just more than attaching a name on a certain product. Branding is all about making a long lasting promise on delivering a satisfying experience. Branding in Emarketing concern the website development and design to attract potential customers. This can be a communication strategy and tactic that inspire sales and increase profit to meet marketing goals.

"We find that focus differentially influences which brand is evaluated first, which comparative frame is effect in driving evaluations, and whether a higher/lower rating of the initially evaluated brand influences the rating of the subsequently evaluated brand," www. BrandIdentityGuru. com Looking at a situation where a website visitor is interested in purchasing, convincing arguments in the website produce acceptance while weak arguments are definitely not persuasive enough, meaning that websites who devote a page or two explaining the logic behind the product with solid arguments will do better.

Analysis has proven that weak arguments could have a negative impact or feedback. On the other hand strong arguments are persuasive. BARRIERS New technology is all about in the internet marketing but can hinder important information to most of the people. Low internet speed connection can be a barrier if companies have complicated web pages. These make internet users struggle to download the information on dialup connection or mobile devices. http://www. iab. net – Interactive Advertising Bureau; Essential trade site. There is a glossary here.

Another limitation is the inability to feel, smell, and taste or try-on tangle before making an online purchase. This makes it hard for people to try new products when buying them online. Because Internet marketing requires customers to use newer technologies than traditional media, not all people may get the message.

Low speed Internet connections are one barrier. If companies build overly large or complicated web pages, some Internet users struggle to download the information on dial up connections or mobile devices. www. clickz. com/stats/ - - Describes itself as ‘The Worlds Leading Resource for Internet Trends & Internet Statistics’. REFERENCES BOOKS:- 1. ) Chaffey D. , Mayer D. , Johnston K and Ellis-Chadwick F. , (2006) Internet Marketing 3rd Edition, Financial Times Prentice Hall ISBN: 0273643096. 2. )Hardaker G and Graham G (2001) Wired Marketing: Energising Business for E-Commerce, Wiley. ISBN: 0471496456*. 3. )For Technology issues the best book is Schneider G. P. (2000) Electronic Commerce, 3rd Edition, Course Technology, Thomson Learning, ISBN: 0619063114. *

4) E-Business fundamentals by Michael John Baker 2003 - 834 pages 5) E-Marketing excellence by P. R SMITH 6) INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING CONCEPT by Graeme Drummond and John Ensor 7) THE MARKETING BOOK by Michael John Baker Journals:- In the world of e-marketing change is rapid and books can quickly become dated, so you are advised to use electronic sources such as :- 1. Business Horizons 2. Journal of Information Technology 3. Journal of Advertising Research 4. Harvard Business Review 5. California Management Review 6. Management Online Review (www. morexpertise. com – go direct to the url)

7. Contemporary Research in E-marketing Websites:- http://www. iab. net – Interactive Advertising Bureau; Essential trade site. There is a glossary here. http://www. iabuk. net – UK site for the Interactive Advertising Bureau. There is a glossary here. http://www. imrg. org/ - Interactive Media in Retail Group. Essential trade information. There is a glossary here. http://searchenginewatch. com – Essential website for information and news on search engines. www. clickz. com/stats/ - - Describes itself as ‘The Worlds Leading Resource for Internet Trends & Internet Statistics’.

http://www. isoc. org/internet-history – A Brief History of the Internet and Related Networks. http://news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/business/default. stm – BBC business site, good for current news. http://edcorner. stanford. edu/authorMaterialInfo. html? mid=630 - This is an excellent resource with free registration for academic users and a range of useful resources for this module and your whole degree. http://www. census. gov/mrts/www/ecomm. html - US Census Bureau, Quarterly Retail E-Commerce Sales. http://www. aarp. org/research/databases. html http://www. aarp. org/aarp_benefits/).

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