The Occupy Movement: A Global Protest Against Economic Inequality and Corporate Greed

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Currently in the United States and in several countries around the world individuals are speaking out and holding protest for issues important to the people of the world. The issues include jobs, government assistance, foreclosures, freedom of speech, labor, education, and the banking industry. These protests are against the current high unemployment, greed, and corruption, economic inequality, and unjustified influence of financial corporations. It’s called the Occupy movement which is labeled as a protest movement.

The current slogan for the Occupy movement is “We are the 99%”, which represents the difference between the population and the wealthy 1% of the population. On September 17, 2011 the first occupy movement took place In New York City called Occupy Wall Street. Occupy protests have been ongoing since October 9, 2011 in over 600 communities in the United States, 82 countries and over 95 cities across the nation. This is a non-violent movement lead strongly by the people of this nation.

I feel as a citizen in the city, state or country you reside in each person should have the right to fight for his or her beliefs affecting him or her directly or indirectly. It seems as though with all the current occupy movements taken place the police presents has been a major problem for the protestors. Instead of protecting and serving they are bullying and beating on protestors. I believe the more people that stand up and join the movement the more powerful the revolution will become.

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The Occupy movement has gone from the streets into homes. There is a Occupy Homes movement that has begun for people experiencing foreclosures. This has become the most recent of the Occupy movements. I watched a story of a young African American family experience a home foreclosure; they had nowhere to go with 3 children. After consulting with the Occupy homes movement they decided to take shelter in another foreclosed home. It was such an amazing site to see over two hundred eople show up to support the family. Individuals cheered outside of the home with signs and bull horns and help the family occupy the home. We are slowing losing our rights the worse the economy becomes as individuals in this world there is no more important time to go out and be a part of something so special. The Occupy movement reminds me of the Civil rights movement. Individuals in the world have become tired of his or her circumstances and have begun to speak out and get their voices heard.

It seems as though everyday there is something occurring in the world that suggests taken our rights away. Currently in congress there is a bill being debated on, that would allow the President to arrest citizens without the right to an attorney if the individual falls under the guidelines of being a terrorist. I believe with the Occupy movement in action and growing each day this is the perfect time for the people of America and other countries to speak out and fight for change.

I have begun to participate in the Occupy movement by becoming a part of the website designed for the Occupy movement. I want to help in any way I can and make sure my children have a sound understanding of the current economic situation the world is in. I believe all people should at least look into the current movement and research what it stands for. We as a people have to stick together and fight for the changes we feel are necessary in today’s world. If we don’t I am not sure what the end result will be after our rights get stripped away one by one.

I believe the Civil Rights movement was a model for the current Occupy movement taking place. The Occupy movement is peaceful and when you watch the videos or see the clips they show on the news. People are chanting what he or she expects, what he or she want’s and what he or she deserves. Take pride in becoming a part of making history with other individuals in the world. Join the Occupy movement and stand for changes that need to take place in order for the people of this world to live his or her best life.



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