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My family often comments on how fat I am. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2004. At the time I could not close either of my hands to make a fist. Opening a door was near impossible. My wife had to button up my military uniforms for me. I was eventually medically discharged. I can now make fists, but have pain as a norm. Over the past 10 years I have put on around 80 pounds. I lost around 20 over the past 2 months with eating a bit better. I was down to 226 pounds when we moved back to Utah in 2012. My food habits were great for about 2 years before moving back to Utah.

I was eating good healthy portions and exercising regularly. Other than those 2 years, my exercising and eating habits have been fairly short lasting with long periods between. Have a home gym, but often find other things to do at home besides exercise. I am not a fan of the gyms because don't like waiting for the equipment and don't like other people watching me. Absolutely hate cardiac, but will play basketball or football for hours on end. I was often in the top 5 runners in my military group when running the timed 2 mile course, but just do not enjoy going for runs.

Calculations eve a Body Mass Index (IBM) of 34. 32 (height/(weight 2) x 703) which is obese for my height. I am not a believer in the IBM calculations. I almost didn't make it into the army because of how much weighed. At that time, I was 215 pounds and had a low body fat. I was lifting weights and involved in sports, but according to the IBM calculator that the army used, they had to get a doctor to look at me and decided if was too fat or not. My waist to hip ratio 46/49 = 0. 94. MY Basal Metabolic Rate (BMW) is 2,344 calories. BMW is the amount of calories needed for my body to stay alive while sitting still. Currently striving to stay under 3000 calories a day and drink a gallon of water a day. Nursing Diagnosis My nursing diagnosis would be inadequate food intake, more than body requires. This is related to the patient telling himself he is too busy as a student, father, business owner, and part time nurse, to work out and watch what he eats. Basically, I am tired and lazy. I attribute my obesity to most of my health problems. Know I have rheumatoid arthritis, but while I was working out and eating right before the move, I felt great. Custom Meal Plan for 7-Day Period

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I am trying to eat healthy and may start to work out again soon. Have a trip to Disney World in May with the family and want to be k with myself in a bathing suit. My diet needs some fine tuning still, but I am sure can do it. Bread Kafka For breakfast, eat oatmeal with two eggs and sometimes a banana. Also try to drink 2 glasses of water. Morning Snack For my morning snack I will eat some apples or oranges. Lunch For lunch, usually eat chicken and sweet potatoes with a cup of veggies. Sometimes I eat leftovers from the previous day. I also drink a few glasses of water.

Daytime Snack For this snack, I will try to eat a protein bar or drink a protein shake. Dinner Our family usually eats dinner by 6:30. I try not to eat anything past 9:00 anymore. For this meal, I usually eat whatever my wife makes. I am going to try to eat chicken, sweet potatoes, and veggies for this meal as well. Right now, I just go for what the family eats. Want to get back to my own meals though. I was getting better results. I also usually have a glass of milk with dinner. Day by Day Journal Day 1 Today I followed my meal plan for all but dinner. I had my oatmeal and 2 eggs or breakfast with a banana.

For lunch, had my chicken, veggies, and cup of veggies. Had a burrito for dinner. Feel pretty good for following most of my plan. My snacks were an apple in the morning, a protein bar during the day, and had some popcorn at night while watching a movie, because a movie must have popcorn. Did a workout found online called Scoop's beginner workout. This involves basic bodyweight movements. I did 3 sets of his ABA rotisserie, pull ups, push ups, and squats. The pull ups were very difficult, had to use my legs to help get me up. The ABA routine almost killed me.

The USPS were k, but my wrists have limited range of motion, so I was in pain and doing an awkward version of a push up. I have some stretches that the physical therapist gave me, I should start to do those too. Day 2 Today I did k. I skipped breakfast. I ate more burritos for lunch. It is just so convenient to put them in the microwave. I ate my fish and veggies for dinner. Fish is what I use when chicken gets boring. Also filled my 64 ounce water jug twice today. I felt very energetic today. Today I opted out of the workout routine and just did an hour long Ate Boo video.

I did a lot of walking in place. I use to be able to do the whole thing. Hope to be back to being able to do the whole thing in a week or two. Also had a strawberry protein shake for both my snacks today. I am trying to convince the wife to go for daily walks, but this cold weather is not helping. Think may try to get her to do the Ate Boo with me. Day 3 I feel like I did k again today. It was oatmeal and a banana for breakfast. I didn't have time for the eggs. Ate some chicken and veggies for lunch. Dinner was some pulled pork my wife made. I am pretty sure over ate on that meal. My water intake was good.

I filled my jug twice again. My snack in the morning was an orange and my evening snack was a piece of bread with peanut butter and honey. I have been skipping the milk at dinner and going for water instead. Also have been taking a calcium supplement. Chose to do the Scoops workout again today. This time was about the same as the last time. I didn't really notice anything being easier or harder. I was a bit more out of energy afterwards this time. Hopefully sleep really well. Day 4 Today was not very good for the meal plan. Woke up feeling like a bus hit me. My head was pounding and everything hurt.

I ate about 5 scrambled eggs or breakfast, had lots of left over pulled pork for lunch. For dinner, I broke down and had pizza. I also had milk with lunch and dinner. My snacks consisted of brownies, cake, chips, and some yogurt. I did not work out at all today because of how felt. Remember feeling like this for about a week last time I started to try working out and eating right. I am not so sure with school and everything else going on that can afford to feel this way for a week. Time will tell. For now am off to bed. Hopefully I don't toss and turn all night from my aching joints.

Day 5 I am feeling the bad eating from yesterday. I feel kind of bloated. It must be all the salt form that yummy food or it could be the stress on my joints. Started off today with my very boring and bland oatmeal, eggs, and water. For lunch, again turned to that not so boring and bland pulled pork. I just love that stuff. I should have married a bad cook so I wasn't so tempted to eat things not on my meal plan. I also had a glass of milk. I had my chicken, cup of broccoli, and sweet potatoes for dinner with some water. My snacks were a protein bar and a protein drink. Id the Scoops workout again. This time was really rough with my soar joints. Id notice was able to not incorporate my legs as much on the pull ups though. All in all, onto terrible day. Day 6 Today we had my daughter's birthday party. Needless to say, I had lots of cake, soda, ice cream, and chips. I had no breakfast, just a glass of water. Not the best idea. My energy level was really low and not what I wanted while swimming with the kids. I went and got the family pizza after the party, so I had about half a deep dish pizza from Little Caesar for dinner and 3 root beer sodas.

My water intake was k, as the party was at the wave pool and I must have swallowed a gallon of it. I missed my workout as well, but I did swim for about 3 hours with the kids. I am going to count that since I am exhausted. I hope all that chlorine doesn't make me sick. Day 7 Today was a good day. I skipped breakfast as had to work early. I feel a bit sick from the pool yesterday. Am sure it will pass quickly. I had some tattoos for lunch along with some water. I had a healthy soup my wife made for dinner. She said it was healthy, so I believed her. I say today is good because have lost 2 pounds over this last week.

I drank lots of water at work today, but I forgot to track it. Just kept filling up a water bottle multiple times. I want to use this assignment to help me focus in on my goals and be happy in my swim trunks in May. Have an app on my phone to help me track what I eat and drink called my fitness pal. Hopefully I will use it. Conclusion In conclusion, I am a 34 year old male who is obese and trying to take steps to do something about it. I tried to make some dietary changes and exercise for a week. Did k, but there is a lot of room for improvement. In the end, the result was a 2 pound loss, which is encouraging.

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