A Self-Assessment of My Personality Style

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Last Updated: 16 May 2023
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Personality is dynamic and organized traits that characterize and determines one's behavioral patterns. Personality style refers to an individual's consistent inclinations that influence one's preferences in different contexts of life. Personality style propels one towards certain actions as he/she partakes some tasks and duties (Griffin et al., 2015).

Personality Style

According to the sixteen personality test results, I can say that I am a turbulent 60%, observant 59%, feeling 58%, extraverted 56%, and prospecting 51%. In the above tests, I scored above fifty-one percent and below sixty percent. I scored highest in turbulence, sixty percent, which shows that I am self-conscious, sensitive to stress and I can experience a wide range of emotions that are important in my eagerness to improve on my failures. On the side of energy, I am an observant individual; I scored fifty-nine percent. This shows how practical and pragmatic I am. I scored lowest in tactics, and thus I am not that good in prospecting though I scored above average.

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Based on my daily experience, I agree with the results since they reflect the person whom I am in real life. From the results, it is interesting to me that the results for tactics have given a true person whom I always feel I am; I like prospecting. I am always ready to grab opportunities available. Moreover, the results for Mind showed that I am an extrovert. I have always liked working in a team, where we build and motivate each other. I am always excited and enthusiastic to work with a cooperative team.


Self-awareness is the act of developing a clear perception of personality through understanding personal weaknesses, strengths, believes and emotional drives. Self-awareness is important in understanding other people and how they perceive your character and attitude (Griffin et al., 2015). Thus, it is important to incorporate self-awareness to enhance teamwork and achievements of good results throughout the semester. Incorporation of self-awareness is achieved through focusing on my attention, emotions, behavior, personality, and reaction. These would help me take control of my emotions and thus changes the outcome of my activities positively since I would be engaging in positive activities that are in agreement with those of people around me.

Areas to Improve

Given that I have understood my style, there are certain areas that I need to work on to ensure that I perform well in the semester. Time is a factor that is critical in school; lost time cannot be recovered. Therefore, it is important to work on my time through setting deadlines for myself, and stop multi-tasking. Additionally, I need to build my assertiveness to enable me conquer semester challenges. This is achieved through being self-confident, developing emotional intelligence and staying calm. Communication is another area that I need to improve to enable me to have a good relationship with my teammates as well as be able to tap enough from my teachers. I can do this through writing down notes in class, speaking audibly, and ask for clarifications. To boost my turbulence, I need to be stress-free. This is achieved through indulging in physical exercise, getting enough rest, and taking control of my emotions. To ensure fruitful teamwork, I need to join an academic group of classmates. As a group member, I need to encourage social activities in the group and ensure that all the group members are active and have roles to play.


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