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CQ- Self Assessment

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Interestingly, regardless to what cultural ethnic one may claim, or what their particular values are; one thing that Is a common factor to all Is that before we can understand someone else, we must first seek our own understanding. "Human beings are more than a product of their circumstances or geographic location. Their innermost beliefs and values ultimately influence how they act" (Reilly, 2013).

An additional definition of cultural intelligence cited in this week's lecture, puts a fine tune on the subject; as Early & Moisakos) describes Its simply blending in with the mall stream of population, this explanation Is nice as It covers a lot of ground In Just a few short words (2004). Figuratively, a part of ones destination on earth is to face the challenges that have been set forth. Seemly, these challenges fall under the category of cultural intelligence as one fulfills his/her Journey of learning to cope with the world on different levels in general.

However, when we speak on human beings, we are speaking generally on society and cultural because they run hand in hand. If here was no society, there would be no culture. Culture can easily be described as the different activities, beliefs, and behaviors, of Like Individuals. Each culture has their own set of values, morals, and organizational goals. There is such thing as well cultured individuals (sometimes referred to as upper-class) that may go an extra mile to gain knowledge on the different diverse aspects of life. This type takes the opportunity to go that extra mile in fulfilling their educational and Christian goals.

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They enjoy the finer things In life, and have no problem with doing hat Is necessary to malting that goal. Then there Is another type that settles for average they may have been talking about fulfilling the goals of a well cultured individual for the last twenty years, but has yet to take a step toward doing so. Lastly, there is a group of individuals who are totally content with living in poverty and hanging around the local food banks everyday seeing what that can get for free. These three categories are examples of what make up a society in any given societal The way that Livermore explains culture is so very Interesting because aspect.

In the text he sheds light on Issues that at some point In an Individuals life these things were taken for granted, probably because one had no idea that these things had a title. In supporting this last sentence the author is making reference to how Livermore describes culture "as an elusive, dynamic concept that shapes everything we do, things such as eating, sleeping, and bathing as an abstract of how we read the Scriptures, relate to God and communicate truth, are all rooted In our cultural context" (2009 p. 90).

As Livermore speaks on these concepts, It brings to mind how e have all become accustomed to, as a way of life. Our own life pattern has a lot to do with how one's culture is created. Attaining as much knowledge as possible is always a plus because it assists in developing cultural intelligence. Speaking on the development of cultural intelligence; Reilly, offers important factors of gaining knowledge "gather facts about different people, places, political and economic systems, their traditions, diet and fashions, this can be done formally or informally, by using social networks or from first-hand experience" (2013).

Additionally, once knowledge is gained it can be used toward building awareness and respect for others culturally. Respecting other cultures is a must. Some may think that because another individual may wear different types of clothing, or eat different types of food, or talk a little different than themselves, that it's k to make fun or disrespect them. As we are all culturally different to some degree we must not Judge or be bitter towards anyone but instead show love, respect and kindness.

As much knowledge as one may have on culture it doesn't rut to periodically do a self-assessment. Self-assessments are designed to enhance our understanding of cultural intelligence (2009). It could probably be looked upon like taking your car in for an oil change, enhancing the durability of your car, making sure everything is running smoothly. Taking a self-assessment test gives one the opportunity to enhance themselves in all phases of cultural diversity. After completing the given self-assessment I was really surprise.

Apparently I do not give myself enough credit. According to the interpretation of the score in neural, I fell under the guidelines of having an average ICQ in my ability to work in a diverse cultural setting. My knowledge of cultural strategic thinking surprises me as it showed excellent. This is the area that I would have thought to be average. Perseverance showed that I am excellent in cultural motivation, and the interpretation of my score for behavioral ICQ fell under the guidelines of being moderate, this one I don't agree with at all.

After my very first cultural experience, I honestly feel that I learned a lifetime worth of knowledge in regards to my behavior. Livermore, notes that "many individuals under-or overestimate themselves; therefore, a multilateral assessment has much greater validity' (2013). For my ministry my behavior needs to be excellent. Over the next 12 months I will work earnestly at improving my two average scores. Miraculously, the two average scores being behavior and my ability to work in an average setting are the two that are of most importance to me simply because of my Spiritual calling to advocate with teens all over the world.

I have absolutely no room for average in these areas, these hillier need help and the Holy Spirit has chosen me as one of His disciples in this particular ministry. My plan is to seek further testing, consulting and training in the needed areas. Instead of being a volunteer advocate for Boy Scouts of America twice a month, I will put in my bid to volunteer three times a month. This will give me hands on chance to work on my behavioral and cultural diversity setting skills. I will spend more time with my students in my youth ministry outreach program. Fasting more and prayer will be an additional item on my to-do-list.

Instead of staying n my quiet place in prayer for an hour every day for the next 12 months I plan to add and additional thirty minutes. Being around people in general should also help with more activities at the local youth centers as well as at church. In conclusion, the ICQ self-assessment test has been completed; review and the finding have been reported. Several explanations or definitions of cultural intelligence from different scholars have been discussed and evaluated. Last, a twelve month plan to improve my overall ICQ has been added including a full discussion on my honest intentions.

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