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Novel Room Analysis

Essay Topic:

Jack’s mother however has a tougher time than her son even though she was once part of this society.Because of her isolation for seven years and he birth of her son, Jack’s mother struggles to readjust to her old life.Since her new life revolves around Jack her concern towards him at the beginning makes her adaptation a slower process but as she realizes his true importance in her life he becomes the reason for her sudden improvement.

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The birth of Jack gave his mother a purpose to live and a reason to believe that escape was still a possibility.

When Jack’s mother is being interviewed in front of a live audience, she explains Jack’s impact on her life, “Jack was everything. I was alive again, I mattered” (Donahue, 233). After her unsuccessful attempts to escape from Old Nick’s imprisonment, Jack’s mother loses all of her faith and gives up on believing that she could have a regular life once again. This only changes when her son is born and she acquires a new purpose, responsibility in her life. Because she was the only person present in Jack’s life, she had to pass on to him everything that she was capable of.

This included simple things such as teaching him how to brush his teeth or how to take a bath. Jack would not have learned these things if it were not for his mother. She knows how important she is to him when she says, “l was just afraid Jack would get ill – me too, he needed me to be K” (233). This idea of being needed by someone is what Jack’s mother needs to keep going and to forget the circumstances that she was living in. As a consequence of being born hidden from society, Jack grew in an imaginary world which was created by his mother.

This was done to prevent Jack from dreaming of a life that he could never have and to give his mother control over things. However, this only worked until they were rescued exposing Jack to the real world. When the interviewer asks his mother if it will be easier to untie raising jack in this new world she says it will be more difficult. She says, “Its actually harder. When our world was eleven foot square it was easier to control. Lots of things are freaking Jack right now. But I hate the way the media call him a freak, or an idiot savant, or feral, that word” (236).

Jack’s mother is not only worried about her son’s future but she is also wondering whether this fantasy she created for her son was a great idea. This concern she has towards Jack is making her life miserable because she has not only to take care of herself but also of her son. The mother was locked up for seven ears and just like Jack she has to adapt to society once again. The way the media sees and talks about him affects her because she does not see him that way. She is afraid that he will suffer for the rest of life if this image others have of him does not change.

The overwhelming pressure and responsibility Jack’s mother experiences causes her to try to take her life away. When Jack returns from a trip with his uncle he notices that something is wrong, “l see Ma’s pill bottles open on the table, they look mostly empty. Never more than two, that’s the rule, how could they be mostly empty, where id the pills go? ‘ (249). Swallowing the extra pills is the best way Jack’s mother sees to avoid having to face her problems. She knows attack’s adaptation to society will not happen suddenly and for it to move forward she needs to participate.

However, she does not think that she is well and ready enough to play the supportive and strong mother figure Jack needs at this moment. The way she deals with her desperation by giving up on everything and everyone around her shows her lack of maturity. If she dealt with her problems as a mature adult she would not have done what she did because at first she loud have thought about Jack instead of herself. The constant attention and questioning from the media makes her doubt whether she would be up for the challenge of taking care of Jack.

When she is being interviewed, Jack’s mother demonstrates how tired she is of the all the attention they have been getting lately, “I’m not a saint. Wish people would stop treating us like we’re the only ones who ever lived through something terrible. “(235). Besides doubting herself there were others including family members that disbelieved in her capacity. It is clear that her insecurity is worsened by other people’s pylons. When Jack’s mother realizes of the mistake she is done, she decides to start from the beginning with her son.

When Jack sees her mother for the first time after her incident she says, “Guess what, Jack, you and me have our own For someone who is been through a lot, the idea of living on her own with a five year old child is not an easy decision. This strength she shows is a result of her immense love for her son. The mother at this point has already realized that she needs Jack just as much as he needs her. Jack instead of making her adaptation a slower process helps his mother o see that moving on by building a new life could be the answer to all of her problems.

When Jack’s mother mentions to one of her counselors that Jack has been enough for her, she is told that this is a result of her becoming a mature and responsible mother (314). She is not the same woman she was before she was taken. Raising Jack is the only pride she has left and the only thing that keeps her going. Regardless all of the suffering and sacrifices, she raised a perfectly healthy child that has the potential to be successful in the future. The love Jack’s mother has for her son is the major factor for err improvement, well – being.

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