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My Interest About Room MOOSE

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Body To figure out the answer to my question I had to find people who have graduated room MOOSE. I went home and asked my mom and she said I have a cousin who attended MOOSE. Dave attended MOOSE thirty years ago. Dave also played for the baseball team and has a great Job of being a Senior Vice President at EMCEES Inc. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I figured Dave would be great to ask because of his liking for sports, and he and I are pretty similar in things we enjoy doing, so he would give good information coming from a perspective very similar to mine.

The other person I e-mailed was Grant Ileum. I knew Brock Ileum's uncle was an engineer, but I didn't realize was that Grant owns his own business. Ileum Engineering makes ramps, risers, rail boards and engineered dock products. I also went online to an online discussion site and found some very interesting reviews from Jeff and Christopher on Capped. When I am wondering what I want in a college I think of price, campus quality, activities, and Job readiness. I asked questions and looked for answers based off of these four characteristics.

I found that the answers vary substantially from person to person. Some support the school while others bash on MOOSE. I know he price at MOOSE is astonishing and very high. I have heard of great scholarships given out by MOOSE, but I don't know if everyone receives them. Based on the information I received most students get scholarships, but both Christopher and Dave said even with scholarships MOOSE did put a burden on their wallet. Everyone agreed that with the high price come the great professors, top notch learning materials, and also a laptop you get to keep after college.

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My Interest About Room MOOSE

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Dave said "There are a lot of businesses that invest heavily in MOOSE, so the school stays on the cutting edge with genealogy. " With businesses investing it helps cut down on the price while you still get the latest and greatest technology. Milwaukee can be dangerous, run-down, and deprived. I need to know if the MOOSE campus is safe and clean enough for me. It is very assuring to hear that the campus is on a twenty four hour security schedule every day of the year. All of my sources say MOOSE is always trying to make the campus bigger and cleaner.

Dave mentioned that the Kern Center are very neat and enjoyable to be in. Through my research I don't deed to have a car because of the small campus, and to get to the grocery store MOOSE provides buses to take students. The buses make going places a lot safer and makes the streets less clogged with the thick Milwaukee traffic. Being right in Milwaukee there has to be tons of activities to do. I knew MOOSE has many collegiate sports teams. The city of Milwaukee also hosts the Brewers and Bucks, but being a college student I probably won't be able to afford all that.

Everyone I talked to was in at least one club and MOOSE encourages people to create new clubs as well. Dave was n intramural sports and it was where he met some of his closest friends. Jeff said "The lakefront is simply breathtaking and the museum is quite a sight to see. " Also there is fraternity parties that I may have to attend quite often. Once I graduate I need to be ready for my Job. I don't think I need to know about art history or music history to help me out with engineering. According to my sources MOOSE puts you into your major right away, which helps you get done in four years.

MOOSE has a Job placement rate of ninety four percent, which is great, but do they prepare you engineer a product for them and, if you don't engineer something worthwhile you can't graduate. Also Dave said MOOSE doesn't teach theory they do practical applications which he feels fully prepared him for his great Job. Conclusion Now that I have researched about MOOSE many thoughts have gone through my head. To find the final answer first I have to answer the four characteristics I was researching. The price of MOOSE is very high, but most people get a scholarship. I think MOOSE might be too expensive for me.

The campus quality is amazing and I hint I get really enjoy living on the MOOSE campus. To have fun at college I want to participate in many activities. I think MOOSE has plenty of fun activities to do plus everything else in the Milwaukee area. When I graduate I want to be as prepared as possible and I believe MOOSE does a wonderful Job of that. Three of four categories is looking good, but I feel I want one that is four out of four. To answer my question, MOOSE is partially right for me. I will base more colleges of my criteria until I find one that is perfect, but if I don't MOOSE will always be high on my college list.

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